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Updated by Kristine Morris on Jun 15, 2015
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21st Century 10th-Grade Learners

Here is a list of lesson plan resources that can help imbed the strategies of using leadership, digital literacy, communication, emotional Intelligence, entrepreneurship, global Citizenship, problem Solving, and team-Working can be incorporated into your classroom to teach our 21st century students.


Lesson Plan - Problem Solving

The lesson plan involves students solving for different measurements of the monument in question and being able to increase the students understanding of various types of measurements when looking at a real-world structure.


Lesson Plan - Teamwork

involves students working together (teamwork) to collect data from boiling water to compare and contrast their data to other groups


Lesson Plan - Entrepreneurship

This lesson plan helps students create an idea of how entrepreneurship works in our society presently.


Lesson Plan - Communication

In this lesson plan, it displays the opportunity for students to communicate visually and verbally with their understanding about triangles.


Lesson Plan - Digital Leadership

In this lesson, students are researching and creating an understanding of how GPS works. They are using a variety of websites and GPS technology to an understand of latitude and longitude.


Lesson Plan - Emotional Intelligence

The linked lesson plan gives students an opportunity in environmental class or agricultural classes to combine the students' feelings about nature and what they can do to improve it.


Lesson Plan - Leadership

This lesson plan illustrates the opportunity for students to discuss in a history class the positives and negatives about leadership. The students have the chance to debate why they believe a particular person has been a great leader or a bad leader.


Lesson Plan - Global Citizenship

This link below provides a teacher with a whole unit on global citizenship. It has various lessons, standards, videos, and other tools to help teach the idea to the students.