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Great Google posts this week #19

How to Use the Free YouTube Video Editor

If you share video online, you should learn how to use the free YouTube editor. This help and support guide tells you all you need to know.

60 Chrome Extensions Stacy Behmer Google Education Trainer Google Certified Teacher Coordinator of Digital Learning, Grant Wood AEA, Google+ Google Voice: 319.438.2317 Twitter: sbehmer +StacyBehmer | @sbehmer | | sb...

How To Force Download Files From Google Drive - Stugon

GoogleDrive renders most file types inside the browser rather than letting the user download it. Here is how you can force download files from Google Drive.

Classroom at Burlington High School

Teachers from Burlington High School share their thoughts about Google Classroom.

Free Technology for Teachers: Google New - Find the Newest Google Offerings

Google maintains blogs for all of their various products and services. I subscribe to many of those blogs to stay up to date on the latest enhancements to the products I use on a regular basis. Yesterday, Google introduced a new and better way to stay current on their latest new offerings. Google New is a central location where visitors will find news on the latest updates to Google's products and the newest product offerings from Google. Embedded below is a short video introduction to Google New.

Google Forms: Create a Formative Assessment Quiz

The purpose of formative assessment is not to put a grade in the gradebook. When we are teaching we want to collect evidence and data as to how the students are understanding the material. We then use that evidence to form or change what we do next. Formative assessment can take many shapes: observations, checks for understanding, asking questions, and quizzes. I am against putting grades in the gradebook for formative assessment. (Note, Edsby allows teachers to record formative assessment in the gradebook but does not count it against the grade.) An excellent tool for formative assessment is Google Forms.

Teaching teams: New ways to work together in Classroom

Google built built Classroom to help teachers spend less time on paperwork, and more time with their students. Since they launched, they've also heard from teachers and professors that they’d love to be able to use Classroom to collaborate with other educators. 

How to Install Skype on a Chromebook: The Ultimate Guide

Thanks to multiple on-going disputes between Google and Microsoft, along with the former's desire to push their own Hangouts app, there has never been a way to natively install Skype on a Chromebook. Previously, if you really wanted Skype on your machine, your only option was to install Linux as a second operating system on…

iPads & Google Apps

Learn more: Each summit features inspiring keynotes, highlights world-class featured speakers, and incorporates engaging breakout ...

EdTechTeam: Rethinking Google Drive on the iPad

The iPad is well-known as an amazing creation tool, but with Google Drive’s “Open-In” feature on the iOS platform - the iPad has quickly become a collaboration device extraordinaire.

Google Drive is best known for apps like Docs and Slides, and these are great platforms for students to work collaboratively on documents and presentations. However, Google Drive has one under-used feature that offers a secret collaborative power . This hidden power of Google Drive sits in the layers of the “i” button.

12 Free Add-ons That Take Docs And Sheets To The Next Level | The Gooru

Add-ons are third party plugins that take your Google Apps usage to the next level. There are countless add-ons to choose from and it can be overwhelming to filter through them all (…) Read more

How to Convert an Image of Text into an Editable Google Doc

Google continues to blur the line between physical and digital. What used to only live on ink and paper can be edited right in your Drive. The OCR (Optical C...

Google Fit – A Review

This post was written by Andy Waters @peorbust. For the past two years I have changed the Sports Hall and Field for the comfort of a classroom. That’s right I turned to the dark side and became a t...

Announcing Expeditions: taking students places a school bus can’t go

These trips were all made possible by Expeditions, a new educational tool coming this fall that allows teachers to take their classes on field trips to anywhere. From the Expeditions app on their tablet, a teacher is able to send synchronized three-dimensional 360° panoramas to each student’s Cardboard viewer, pointing out areas of interest in real time and instantly pausing the trip when needed. Used in conjunction with existing lessons and curriculum, Expeditions immerses students in experiences that bring abstract concepts to life and provide a deeper understanding of the world beyond the classroom.

Using Google Tools in Project-Based Learning Infographic - e-Learning Infographics

The Using Google Tools in Project-Based Learning Infographic presents how teachers can use google apps in project-based learning to streamline learning.