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All About Fitness Nutrition - Best Sources to Learn

No matter what sorts of workout you do and what your aims are with training, what you eat is critical to get the results you want. In this list you can learn everything about fitness nutrition.


What to Eat After Workouts to Get Results You Want

After completing your workout, it is critical what you eat. You need to have the right types of foods if you want to get the results you want and to refill your body. Eating correctly after workouts for those who want to build bigger muscles is especially important since they have 1 hour when the muscles truly grow.

A Beginner's Guide To Workout Nutrition: Before, During And After Training

At this point, you should know that nutrition has a significant impact on your results. Abs are built in the kitchen, you are what you eat, and all the rest. "Yeah, yeah," you mutter, "I've heard it all before."

28 Days to Lean Meal Plan

With the right plan and the right discipline, you can get seriously shredded in just 28 days. This diet will help you achieve that goal.

The Best Bodybuilding Diet for Muscle Building

You may be like a lot of other people out there.You want to get huge. You want arms like Arnold, delts like Cutler and a back like Coleman. You look up the routines they use and try to really push it when you get to the gym.

Amino acids explained

Ah, protein. Giver of life, maker of muscles. It's easy to lump every source - powder, meat, yoghurt, that weird water that cottage cheese comes in - as the same thing, but in reality, not every protein is created equal. The key? Amino acids, the building blocks of life.

Muscle Food: 10 Nutrition Rules to Build Muscle

There''s no need to abandon all your favorite foods to get in shape;- just follow these 10 simple nutrition and supplement guidelines to build muscle faster.

The U.S. Navy SEAL Guide to Fitness and Nutrition

Developed for Navy SEAL trainees to help them meet the rigorous demands of the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) community, this comprehensive guide covers all the basics of physical well being as well as advice for the specific challenges encountered in extreme conditions and mission-related activities. Topics covered include calculating energy expenditure; definitions, functions, and daily allowances of carbohydrates, fats, and protein; nutritional considerations for endurance and strength training activities; active recovery from injury; cardio-respiratory conditioning; appropriate gear for running and swimming for fitness; exercising in extreme and adverse weather; and more.

47 Shocking Food & Nutrition Facts That'll Blow Rainbow Confetti Out Of Your Noggin

An inaugural list of obscure, perplexing, research-backed food facts, stuffed from start-to-finish with 47 shocking tidbits that'll send rainbow confetti spewing out of your noggin.

Simple Guide To Any Body Transformation

This video explain some Nutrition tips and what you can do as a beginner to get started on your goals and achieving the body you want to have.

Raw Deal - Can a Guy Build Muscle on a Vegan Diet?

Don't believe the common misconception that you have to eat meat to get big. Here's how you can build muscle on a vegan diet.

5 WORST diet mistakes (for building muscle)

I'm going to show you the five most common mistakes guys make with their diet when trying to build muscle that prevent them from EVER gaining size.

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

Pre and post workout nutrition is simple: one is fuel and the other one is repair. You eat before your workout to have the extra energy to push yourself during a training session. You eat afterwards to repair the damage done to your muscles, help them rebuild faster and grow.

The Men's Health Big Book of Food & Nutrition: Your completely delicious guide to eating well, looking great, and sta...

In the aisles of the grocery store, the menus of chain restaurants, even in one’s own refrigerator, confusion about how to eat right reigns: Is low-carb good or is carbo-loading the better way to go? Fat-free or sugar-free? And when did those dreaded eggs become a health food?

Americans are hungrier than ever for clear-cut answers to their most perplexing food questions, but a
private nutritionist or a membership in a diet club are expensive luxuries.

What you really need is an authoritative, encyclopedic source at your fingertips.

The Men’s Health Big Book of Nutrition is the ultimate guide to shopping, dining, and cooking for bigger flavor—and a leaner body. It answers the ongoing demand for definitive information about the food we eat and taps into a readership hungry for final-word answers.