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Updated by April Rose Casiple Semogan on Dec 04, 2020
Headline for How To Begin Your Long-Distance Bicycle Adventure
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How To Begin Your Long-Distance Bicycle Adventure

If you’ve ever dreamed about seeing the world, but is often backtracked due to schedules, work, and fear of costs, then perhaps bicycling is right for you. Cheap, fun, and environmentally-friendly, it’s the best way to discover new places on your own. Here are the top 6 resources to help you get started today!

Train For Long-Distance Cycle Touring - Toms Bike Trip

A lot of people put off their dreams of touring the world because they believe it’s expensive. Well, bicycle enthusiasts prove otherwise! With just a good bike, a bag of stuff, and an open mind, they have been going on long-distance travels for years. You too, can join them by preparing yourself as early as now. Learn basic skills such as repairing a bicycle or cooking using just one pot. Lessen your exposure to social media. Relax, breathe, and smile! Look forward to the day when the world is your playground.

How to Choose Bicycles - REI

You don’t need a costly bike for your trip. The general rule is to simply buy something you’re comfortable riding in. Pick something with nice seats (as you’ll be in it most of the time), good tires, and a sturdy frame. You can even customize your bike with other features like a horn, lights, and stickers. Don’t be afraid to ask the shop for the right type of bike for the trip you have in mind. Test it out and ride around it for a while before finally settling for one.

What to Pack on a Long Distance Bicycle Trip - Travel Generation

It’s tempting to haul almost all your pots, pans, hygiene products, and clothes for a long distance tour. But that will not only add to your load, you’ll find yourself stuck with dozens of items you don’t need. Pick only about one or two things you absolutely can’t live without (such as deodorant). Look for versatile objects that can do two jobs (like a spork) without taking up a lot of space. Pack in advance so you’ll avoid bringing unnecessary items.

Things You Don't Need for a Long Distance Tour - Adventure Cycling

If you’re still in a dilemma about what to carry and which to leave at home, it’s good to get a perspective on what other bikers have brought on their trips. Think you need lots of money to be on a bicycle adventure? Numerous bikers have traveled for miles with only a few spare cash and lived. The trick is being resourceful and sticking to a budget.

Companions Wanted - Adventure Cycling

Depending on your reason for traveling, you may or may not want a buddy. For those going on a long distance bicycle trip, having a companion or two can give you sense of security. Plus, you’ll have someone to share all those wonderful memories with. Lots of folks are looking for a biking buddy on their next bicycle adventure, so be sure to sign up and let them know you’re free!

Prevent Bicycle Accidents - The Ledger Law Firm

Don’t forget basic bike safety. Some motorists are not happy sharing the road with bicyclists, so expect that not every person you meet would yield to your right of way. Always wear your helmet. Keep a good distance between yourself and motorized vehicles. Know what to do in case you encounter an injury while on the road. Don’t let fun turn into a disaster – stay informed and keep yourself safe.