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Headline for Five Things Retail Customers Want from You
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Five Things Retail Customers Want from You

All of the factors involved in retail design should cater to the comfort and convenience of every shopper stepping in. Customer service should be impeccable, which is why you need to invest in training your sales associates. Don't make the mistake of ignoring these facets or you'll end up appeasing disgruntled shoppers.


Sales Associates Who Know Their Products

Sure, some customers are always know-it-all windbags, but the majority of which do not know which type and size of nail should they use to put together a wooden shack.

All of your sales associates should learn every facet concerning the product or section they are in charge of selling. Customers hate it when they are met with a blank stare or an "I don't know" from an obviously incompetent associate when asking a question.

Other than the knowledge and items on the product description, they should also learn about jargon specific to the products they're selling. For example, a sales associate in an electronic store should learn about the specifications of certain products, along with their implications.


An Intuitive Store Design

An Intuitive Store Design

Shoppers hate it if your store lacks direction and signs. Your design and how the furniture is arranged should give an idea of where customers are supposed to go. In this case, signage and a lighting play a vital role.

Use them to divide sections within your store. Put signs above each display, may it be the t-shirts, pants, and accessories. Customers want to be guided, especially if the store is quite larger than average.

They should learn where to go on a moment's notice, and know where each product is placed just by looking up.


Courteous Sales Associates

People skills are important in retail - expertise in the products they're selling is only secondary. That being said, a courteous sales associate will always emanate positivity and make customers feel comfortable in your store.

Remember, courtesy is one of the most needed elements in customer service. If your sales associates lack the quality, then your store is likely to nurse a negative reputation thanks to your staffs' undoing.

Be sure to screen or train to learn how to deal with various types of customers and situations. Poise and calmness are always valuable assets and will always put you in positive light!


A Fun Shopping Environment

Customers will always prefer a fun and free flowing shopping environment over a dull and badly-designed one. Remember though, fun should not get in the way of your customers, especially if they are in a hurry.

In this regard, your best bet is to play the right kinds of music - especially those your target audience is likely to have on their playlists. Another example is to hold displays and special events. For example, if you're a retailer of kitchen products, try to hold cook-offs and product displays for your shoppers. This will make the experience a bit more interesting to anyone visiting your store!


Lastly, a Well-designed Store

Lastly, a Well-designed Store

Bear in mind that you're not designing for yourself, but for your customers. Set aside personal preferences and prejudices and start implementing a design your customers would love.

If you're a newbie in interior design, your best bet is to hire a reputable interior design company!