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10 Important Things You Should Bring During Job Interviews

Job interviews are nerve racking and if you haven’t prepared for it, certainly you will lose the chance of nailing the job that you truly desire. Hence, it is important that you plan for this big day and do a little homework about the company and the job. You have to leave a lasting impression to your interviewer by avoiding too much body movements, listening attentively and bring all the necessary stuff to show you’re job ready. Here are the ten important things you should bring during job interviews.

Resume Tips: What to Bring to a Job Interview | The Ladders

On the day of your job interview, it is important that you bring an extra copy of your resume for two good reasons: to provide hard copy to your interviewer in case he doesn’t have one in handy and to provide a copy to others you might meet on interview day. It pays to be ready and you’ll never know when opportunity comes.

Pen And Paper: Note Taking During Interviews | JobFully

Don’t head out the door on the day of your job interview without having a pen and paper inside your bag or briefcase. You might want to list down all important things or items that come up during your job interview. However, you shouldn’t lose focus while jotting down notes, you still have to be attentive in listening to the interviewer.

Providing References With Job Applications | About Careers

You have to prepare a set of references because your interviewer might ask for it. Prepare at least three character references who can vouch for your ability to do a great job in the position you're interviewing for. Include their full name, phone number and their relationship to you. Print your list and bring it during your interview.

The Briefcase Technique | I Will Teach You To Be Rich

It is important that you bring a briefcase during your job interview and you should know how to use it well for your own advantage especially in acing the job interview. This technique is a very simple tactic you can use to dominate any job interview. You are going to need the briefcase as well in keeping your documents and files.

Set Of Common Interview Questions | WikiJob

To get yourself ready, you can bring set of common interview questions as well as the best answers in order to help you practice. This method of preparation can almost guarantee success during your job interview. Range of questions should be listed and you should prepare your own answers.

Work Portfolio | Forbes

Your work portfolio has various purposes and one of it is to show proof of who you are and what you can do. Create a portfolio that will knock your interviewer’s socks off during your interview and standout above the rest. It can help you market your abilities and gives you a powerful tool to present your career and sell your value to the company.

Dress To Impress: What To Wear For A Job Interview | The Guardian

Of course, you have to bring yourself in the most professional manner, which is why to have to dress appropriately for this day. You have to dress to impress by wearing formal business attires during your interview. Aside from that, you have to wear the right shoes and make sure it is polished.

5 Ways To Build Confidence For An Interview | Careerealism

One of the most important things to bring during a job interview is self-confidence. It can take you a very long way and it can even get you the job. You just have to know how to build your confidence so that you will have that feeling good aura that would impress your interviewer.

Examples Of Your Work | Chron

This is particularly important if you are in a field that requires you to show design elements and it also depends on your experience. Bring few examples of your work in order for the interviewer to see your work. For example, if you are applying for positions that require superior writing skills, bring along copies of your writing samples.

Customized Personal Business Card | Business Card King

Remember that having a personal business card in your wallet or your briefcase could help you earn the job. It would make an impression that you are ready to take the job and it would be easier for the interviewer to get a hold of you. Make sure to enter all the important contact information and keep it simple.You can use online business card makers, Microsoft Word or Publisher to design your business card.

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