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The Best Paid Apps for the iPad

Stick Around by Tony Vincent & MorrisCooke

Play, design, and share sorting and labeling puzzles! Stick Around comes with an assortment of puzzles, including ordering decimals and classifying rocks. It's the player's job to drag the stickers from the tray to their correct spots on the background before time runs out.

SMART Notebook app for iPad

Now featuring SMART Notebook Maestro which connects SMART Notebook for iPad to SMART Notebook software. Visit - – to download the Notebook Maestro Add-On to enable this feature in SMART Notebook desktop.

Tools 4 Students

NOW IN SPANISH TOO! Tools 4 Students offers 25 graphic organizers supporting common comprehension skills like main idea and detail, sequencing, compare and contrast etc. Each organizer can be used again and again and be emailed, drop boxed, or saved as a PDF.


Great news! We just added the ability for teachers and students to make their own CompareNContrast™ situations by adding photos or text. The skill of compare and contrast is part of the Common Core Standards and is included in almost all standardized testing. Students are often required to write compare and contrast passages as part of standardized assessments.


Organized according to Bloom's taxonomy, ReadNRespond™ provides student response forms that are applicable to any piece of literature, movie, or text available. Perfect for the fourth to twelfth grade classroom, the forms can be student-choice or teacher-directed. Teachers can do group instruction by projecting and completing a form through a projector or mirroring application. Model how to do a form in front of the whole class and then assign it to an individual or small group.

Tools 4 Students 2

Tools4Students2™ features 25 Graphic Organizers suitable for grade 4 -12 students. Available for purchase through the educator volume purchasing program, this app includes new organizers for: Chapter Notes, Document Analysis, Writing Organizers, Drawing Conclusions and 7 different blank templates where students and teachers can create their own labels, titles and headings.

Algebra Tiles

Virtual manipulative algebra tiles for hands-on exploration of algebraic concepts.

★ Tile Set ★
✔ Unit square (positive and negative)
✔ X variable rectangle (positive and negative)
✔ X² variable square (positive and negative)

★ Features ★
✔ Unlimited virtual tiles
✔ Easy to add, drag, rotate, copy, and remove tiles
✔ Drop opposite pairs on each other to cancel
✔ Convenient equations grid (for solving equations) and factors grid (for distribution, multiplying/dividing polynomials, factoring)
✔ Snapping for easy placement and alignment
✔ Pen tools for annotations and labels

★ Math Topics ★
1. Modeling expressions
2. Simplifying expressions
3. Substitution
4. Adding and subtracting polynomials
5. Solving equations
6. Distribution
7. Multiplying and dividing polynomials
8. Factoring
9. Completing the square

Base Ten Blocks Manipulative

Virtual base 10 blocks to model place value, addition, subtraction, regrouping, and more.

~ Blocks ~

  • 1’s units
  • 10’s rods
  • 100’s flats
  • 1000’s cubes/blocks
  • 0.1’s rods
  • 0.01’s flats
  • 0.001’s cubes/blocks

~ Features ~
1. Place value tables
2. Integer or decimals
3. Addition mode
4. Subtraction mode
5. Regrouping
6. Snap alignment

~ Math Topics ~
1. Number sense
2. Place value
3. Counting
4. Decimals
5. Addition with regrouping
6. Subtraction with regrouping

Connecting Cubes

Virtual colored cubes that link together to explore math concepts. Similar to connecting cubes, linking cubes, snap cubes, unit cubes. Includes Common Core correlated teaching ideas.

▪ Easily add, snap, copy, and rearrange cubes
▪ Assorted colors
▪ Text fields and pens for annotations and labels
▪ Built-in graph, number line, place value, and tens frame backgrounds
▪ Common Core alignment

1. Counting
2. Representing numbers
3. Patterns
4. Place value
5. Adding and subtracting
6. Multiplying and dividing
7. Graphing
8. Parts of ten

Pattern Blocks by Brainingcamp

Virtual pattern blocks include: triangles, squares, rhombi, trapezoids, hexagons, and chevrons.

▪ Green triangles
▪ Orange squares
▪ Blue and tan rhombi
▪ Red parallelograms
▪ Yellow hexagons
▪ Black chevrons
▪ Pink double hexagons

▪ Unlimited virtual shapes
▪ Easy to add, drag, rotate, and remove shapes
▪ Convenient triangular grid (for fractions) and square grid (for transformations)
▪ Snapping for easy placement and alignment
▪ Pen tools for annotations and labels
▪ File saving

1. Fractions
2. Patterns
3. Symmetry and Transformations
4. Geometric shapes
5. Problem solving models
6. Tessellations and tiling

Color Tiles Manipulative

Virtual color tiles manipulative to model math concepts such as area, perimeter, patterns, arithmetic, and more.

▪ Unlimited red, green, blue and yellow squares
▪ Easy to add, drag, rotate, and remove tiles
▪ Convenient grid with snapping for easy alignment
▪ Pen tools for annotations and labels
▪ File saving

1. Area
2. Classifying and sorting
3. Counting
4. Equations and equivalence
5. Estimation
6. Fractions
7. Integers
8. Measurement
9. Prime and composite numbers
10. Patterns
11. Square numbers
12. Size, shape and color

Number Line Manipulative

Virtual number line manipulative makes concepts visual and interactive. Includes Common Core correlated teaching idea.

▪ Customizable number line
▪ Interactive markers, arrows, inequalities, and multiples
▪ Teaching ideas
▪ Common Core alignment
▪ Pen tools for annotations and labels

1. Locating numbers
2. Fractions and mixed numbers
3. Equivalent fractions
4. Comparing and ordering integers
5. Comparing and ordering fractions
6. Adding and subtracting integers
7. Adding and subtracting fractions
8. Absolute value
9. Graphing inequalities
10. Commutative property
11. Multiples
12. Common denominator
13. Multiplying and dividing
14. Opposites

Number Rods

Similar to Cuisenaire® Rods, these virtual colored rods vary in length from 1 to 10 units long.

✔ Colored number rods varying in length from 1 to 10 units
✔ Easy to add, drag, rotate, and remove rods
✔ Optional square grid to more easily see rod lengths
✔ Snapping for easy placement and alignment
✔ Annotation feature to write on the screen with a finger

1. Properties of numbers
2. Fractions
3. Ratios
4. Basic operations

Animation & Drawing by Do Ink on the App Store

Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Animation & Drawing by Do Ink. Download Animation & Drawing by Do Ink and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.