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10 Little-Known Benefits Of Regular Exercise

You probably have heard it before, “Exercise is good for you” But how good?
A lot of people are aware that exercise can make help in toning our body. It helps in our goal to be leaner and to have a lower waistline. But did you know that sweating does more than that? Yes, you’ve read it right. Sweating does more than toning abs and weight loss. It can contribute to your overall health…physically, mentally and even sexually.

Makes Your Earn More

A 2012 study says that having a regular exercise can increase salary by 9 percent. Amazing right? If you feel that you are being underpaid, why not head to the gym and just sweat out the stress of feeling that you are not being paid enough. Exercise can make you feel better and in the long run, you’ll get better pay.

Aside from making you feel better, exercise can also make you more attractive which is associated to a higher pay. Many studies have shown that obesity can lead to wage reduction of about 18%.

Strengthen Your Relationship

Not only can exercise improve your financial status in life but also your relationship. Surprising? Nah… Many fitness experts say that a couple who exercise together will not only shed extra pounds together but it can also help them to have a better understanding about their relationship that could lead to a lively relationship.

Exercise brings in happy relationship and it can bring positive impact to both physical and emotional aspect of a person. There are also several studies showing that when a couple does activities together it does not only strengthen their bond but it can also boost their intimacy with each other.

Reverse The Effect Of Stress

This is not a fad. Science revealed that exercise can actually reverse the effects to stress. There are actually two ways on how exercise can reverse the stress. The first one is in the rising heart rate when you are exercising. When you exercise your heart rate will increase and increasing heart rate can actually reverse the effect of stress in our brain that makes a person forgetful.

Also, along with diet and healthy habit, exercise can also reverse cellular aging which is another effect of stress. Aging is one of the result of stress, workout can help you reduce stress and can make you feel and look younger and it can even add at least 10 years in your life.

Makes You Feel Euphoric

Are you familiar with what we call the “runner’s high”? This is the euphoric feeling the runners or track ‘n field athletes usually feel after running. This happens because the body releases natural chemicals called Endorphins, “feel-good” hormones that interact with the brain receptors which can reduce pain perception and can trigger a positive feeling.

Endorphins also acts as pain killer, when your body exercise, it can send signal to the brain that it can cause stress and it trigger endorphins to reduce the level of pain brought by stress. Exercise, however, has a different way in producing endorphins. Not all kinds of exercise can actually release endorphins. It still depends on how intense the workout is.

Boost Self-Confidence

It is not surprising to know that more people who are physically active are more confident than those people who workout less. We are all aware that exercise can trigger that positive feeling and it can prevent diseases like chronic heart disease and diabetes. As a physically active person, knowing these benefits can make you feel safe and eventually increase your confidence and self-esteem.

Let You Sleep Like A Baby

According to research, consistent or regular exercise can lead to better sleep. Better sleep does not only mean improve quantity of sleep but also quality of sleep. We all know how important getting quality sleep is. Quality of sleep can help you perform better the next day.

In a recent study, scientist looked the effect of exercise to non-active men and woman in the 60s with insomnia and the result showed that after 16 weeks of exercise intervention, men and women who are physically active have better sleep and woke up less often than those people who remained inactive.

Brain Power Booster

Whoever says that intelligent is products of late -night study sessions or from the genes are actually wrong. As mentioned above, there is a strong link between exercise and cognitive function. There is actually countless research proving that exercise can improve the size of the hippocampus. Hippocampus is a part of the brain responsible for memory and learning.

Hangover Cure

Hangover? Just sweat it out and you'll feel better. If you are one of the many people who usually suffer from raging headaches after having too much alcohol, you might want to try exercising to flush out the toxins.

The next morning after you woke up, you will more likely to feel a raging headache because of dehydration and toxins present in your body. Exercise can help flush out toxins, but you need to watch out you water intake while exercising. Increase your water intake to replenish your body and to keep it hydrated.

Improve Work-Life Balance

There has been study explaining how exercise can help you manage your work-life balance well. This one is interrelated in how exercise can help alleviate stress and can make you feel positive and empower to deal with issues whether at work or in outside. Most people, especially those who are workaholic, may find it harder to detached themselves from work even outside with other people or with family members. This is basically what work-life imbalance means. However, when a person includes exercise in his daily diet, he will more likely to improve his way of thinking which can help him focus on other things aside from work.

Improve Sexual Performance

This is somehow related on how exercise can strengthen relationship which I mentioned above. If your goal is to keep your sex life active, then exercise might be able to help you. Exercise improves sex life. That’s a fact. It revitalizes the sexual life of a person by lowering the risk of impotence to men and improving orgasm to women. It was found out in one study that sexual dysfunction commonly happens to men with poor physical health.