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Technology Resources

Classroom 101

Google Classroom: This is a very quick, concise video to show you the logistics of using Google Classroom. It is fairly basic and easy to follow. I would use this as a tutorial if I decided to use Google Classroom.

Google Classroom: New treats for teachers and students

Google Classroom: This is just another tutorial of sorts on how to use Google Classroom. It really wasn't all that worthwhile once I got into it, but it is a place to start if you are using Google Classroom.

Should Schools Embrace "Bring Your Own Device"? - NEA Today

BYOD: In this article a school shares how it started the BYOD program. A teacher shares his experiences with the new philosophy. I like that it is not all about how great the program is, but also gives some things to look out for as well. (Cyperbullying, students being made fun of because they do not have latest devices...) I would use this to show some pros and cons of adopting a BYOD policy.

20 Pros and Cons of implementing BYOD in schools

BYOD: This is a great, concise article that lists the pros and cons of BYOD. In the article there were 20 pros and 15 cons, so the author of the article states that the pros outweigh the cons of implementing BYOD. I would use this article for some thought provoking reasons for or against implementing BYOD.

20 BYOD Resources For The 21st Century School

BYOD: This is a great article that is jam packed with great resources. Some of the resources are to support the policy of BYOD. Others resources are great for if you do implement BYOD. I would use this article to both determine the value of BYOD, and also to use to find great ideas once the policy is implemented.

The Key to Successful Student Blogging

Student Blogging: In this article a teacher shares her experiences with blogging and what she feels is key to success. She emphasizes that feedback is the key. The author discusses not only the key being feedback, but also how to teach students to give productive feedback. I would use this when discussing keys to student blogging.

The Benefits of Student Blogging - Lumos Learning

Student Blogging: This article focuses on the benefits of student blogging. I would use this article when trying to persuade an audience why student blogging is beneficial.

Edublogs - education blogs for teachers, students and schools

Student Blogging: This is a resource to use for student blogging. On this site you are able to sign up your students and allow them to blog. I would use this as a potential blogging site for my students.

The Best Platform For Student Blogging

Student Blogging: This article briefly discusses some sites for students to use to blog, but clearly chooses Tumblr. After deciding on Tumblr, the author tries to "sell'' us on why it is the best format. I would use this article in my decision making process for blog forums.

10 places to find great BYOD lesson plans | eSchool News

BYOD: This article recommends some sites to use for lesson planning in a BYOD school/classroom. I would use this resource to help support either myself, or another teacher, who is in a BYOD school/classroom.

New Poster Featuring 10 Google Classroom Best Practices ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Google Classroom: This article features the 10 best practices in Google Classroom. It lists the practices, but also give them in a quick referenced poster. I would use this article when looking at the benefits of using Google Classroom.