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Updated by Nivedita Ramakrishnan on Jun 05, 2015
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10 Reasons Why I Would Think Before Trusting Flipkart

Flipkart started out with selling only books but soon expanded to become a mighty, dominating figure of e-commerce in India. Though Flipkart has earned much trust and adoration from its users, that status is now turning around. Read on to find out what actions have made the customers' trust in Flipkart run low.

Flipkart Shows Higher Discount By Inflating The MRP, Faces Huge Social Media Outrage

The Logical Indian is a wonderful social media venture that lets the public know what they really ought to. I read this article today and was absolutely shocked.

List of flipkart frauds - LISTLY

Here is a Listly list containing two must read articles about Flipkart-frauds.


Philips KeraShine Glam Styler HP 8632 Hair Styler

Philips KeraShine Glam Styler HP 8632 Hair Styler

I had been eyeing this product since late March this year. The price when I first saw this product was around Rs. 2500. I had then put it on my wishlist and used to check its price now and then. A few weeks ago, I noticed that the price had suddenly rocketed to about Rs. 2700 or 2800. Right now (Dated June 5, 2015), the price is Rs. 2, 595. And all these fluctuations made by the same seller.

There is a lot of difference in the price even if its just a few hundreds of rupees. This is like comparing stocks' values in the stock market before selling/buying them! What is going on, Flipkart?

Flipkart's mega sale: For some, it was a harrowing day - The Times of India

Flipkart's Big Billion Day was the one day where the majority of users had fraudulent experiences. Here are just a few experiences that were compiled by The Times of India.


Flipkart seller notifications

Flipkart seller notifications

At the first e-commerce class this semester at university, a classmate who works for a start-up cited the following example. He is working with Flipkart seller.

What he said:
"Flipkart plans its sales a month or so ahead. They contact all the sellers and ask them how much they want to sell it later during the sale and that they should change their prices now to a higher one so they can lower it later during the sale. They contacted the start-up company I'm now working for so that's how I know of this. This way, customers who're following the products won't notice anything unknown in the price difference."

"Ordered a Pendrive, Flipkart Delivered Empty Boxes Thrice"

One will only need to watch the video in this link and read its description to catch up with what occurred.

"Review on"

I had stumbled upon this page quite a few times of late. But I was shocked at was that this article is dated in 2011. If this was back in 2011, what is the situation as of now?!

"Five reasons why I never want to shop on Flipkart again."

This article is dated February 2015 and I pity this person, but also admire her courage for having it in her to keep ordering again!

"Wooden block instead of Smart phone"

"In yet another case of online fraud a person from Udyavar received wooden blocks instead of smart phone he had ordered."

Flipkart Companits

Here are some of the very many complaints that duped customers of Flipkart have posted!