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Technology Trends

QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator from

Using QR codes in the classroom. This site gives ideas for how to use these to make learning fun. As a point on a presentation, I would explain how to play a game called Treasure Hunt.

Twelve Ideas for Teaching with QR Codes

Using QR codes in the classroom. This site talks about different ways to use QR codes both in the classroom and in the community. A point I would make in a presentation is that students can use these codes to help write their resume by using links to their professional portfolio or website.

25 Fun Ways to use QR Codes for Teaching and Learning

Using QR codes in the classroom. This site lists lots of ideas on using these codes in the classroom. As a point in a presentation, I would talk about a couple of ways students could benefit by using the codes: interactive classroom calendar, scavenger hunts, link handouts to resources, and more!

A Guidebook for Social Media in the Classroom

Social Media in the Classroom. The author starts off by giving a quick quiz about the relevance of using social media in the classroom. She also gives lots of ideas on how to incorporate social media into your own classroom. As a point in a presentation, I would list a couple of these points: using youtube for students to show podcasts, use twitter to keep parents & students updated and using social media to connect with other classrooms around the country.

How to Use Social Media as a Learning Tool

Social media in the classroom. This article lists different ways of using social media in the classroom. I would talk about some of the different ways: create a facebook page for your classroom, start a twitter feed to get responses from students and posting student videos to youtube.

Should teachers be using social media in the classroom?

Social Media in the classroom. The author talks about two different viewpoints of using social media. In a presentation, I would talk about the example he gave about a student who received a comment on her blog from another student from Austraila.

Social media in the classroom. This talks about pros and cons of using social media. The author talks about how challenging it is to find a middle ground. For every pro, there's a con. In a presentation, I would give a viewpoint from each side of the debate. Pros say that it's beneficial for student learning and cons say it's a distraction.

Using E-Portfolios in the Classroom

E-Portfolios. The article gives different ways for keeping student portfolios online. Examples that I would share in a presentation are: wikispaces, project foundry and dropbox,

Five Ways to Use Online Portfolios in the Classroom

E-Portfolios. Using online portfolios is a necessity because our digital world is transforming the way we learn. Kids are growing up to be tech-savvy. Digital portfolios allow students to stay on track with their grades and also see how they've grown.

5 Reasons To Use Digital Portfolios In Your Classroom

by Jennifer Rita Nichols, TeachThought Intern Educators and students of today have more knowledge and tools available to them than ever before in history. Advances in technology have created a digital world where people from all wakes of life can interact and share knowledge-where the answer to almost any question imaginable is just a few clicks away, no matter where you are in the world or what time of day it is.