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Surveillance Equipment

Long Range Drones for Public Safety Missions

These long range drones are available from online sites such as MAXSUR, a company from Central Texas that’s steeped in drone and law enforcement expertise. 

SAR Drones for Effective Rescues

These days, drones are being used in several jobs and every day one sees another use being added. Therefore, one hears of ambulance drones and construction drones besides SWAT drone and Public Safety Drone besides Real Estate Drone and Firefighter Drone among many others.

The Perfect Combination of Pinhole Camera with Audio Available

The pinhole cameras of the days gone by were very simple gadgets and school children could make them at home. All they required was a light-proof box and a pinhole besides a film of some sort. In this, the pinhole forms a very small point on the film.

Police Drone Package at MAXSUR

The team of MAXSUR offers perfect police drone for public safety applications such as crime scenes, accidents scenes,search and rescue etc.

Using COFDM Transmitter In A Drone

The expanded form of COFDM is Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing. COFDM is a scheme of modulation that is used to divide one digital signal across a thousand or even more signal carriers simultaneously.

An Excellent SWAT Drone for Your Needs

SWAT is an acronym for Special Weapons and Tactics. This term is generally used by the police.

The Need And Use Of Swat Fiberscope

A fiberscope is a cable that is made of a fiber optical material. This material is selected such that it permits light to travel through the cable.

Tactical Microphone for Undercover Work

The tactical microphone is one of the most important pieces of equipment for members of the SWAT team and other teams engaged in clandestine work where the failure margin is very miniscule.

Pay as you go GPS

MAXSUR provides Pay as you go GPS with latest industrial grade equipment which are available on the market place today.

Setting Up an Interrogation Room System

Setting Up an Interrogation Room System Setting Up an Interrogation Room System Law enforcement agencies need to set up an Interrogation Room System. Such a system is necessary due to the value of recording an interrogation. Benefits accrued involve the protection of rights of both investigators and the accused.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or Drone, now used for security and surveillance purpose

Change is the law of nature. In the year 1989, Steve Klindworth tried a novice experiment by putting a tiny video camera along with a transmitter on a radio control aircraft.

Secure your Surroundings by using Tactical Microphone Offered by MAXSUR

We are living in a time when there is nothing left static. Situations around us were never this dynamical than they are now. In this ever changing time, with an increase in threats and misdeeds, we need to be secure in all aspects.

Purchase Swat Drones from the Most Reliable Seller

Human thirst for delving deeper into the mysteries of nature and coming out with the most amazing of inventions is endless.

Search and Rescue Operations now Made Easy with Drones

Unmanned aerial technology has forever changed the manner in which human beings have been performing their day to day functions.

  • Maxsur offers high quality surveillance equipment like digital recorders, cameras, wireless audio etc., at nominal rates. All devices are fully tested for ensuring best performance.

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