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Updated by Lisa Johnson on Jun 02, 2015
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Do cheap international calls with latest technology

Make affordable international calling with new technology

Its no doubt that overseas calling is very costly. Many people like students, businessmen and travelers lives in other countries which is far away from their native place. And they always wants to do international calls to connect with there family and friends. But its reality that international calling is very costly.

New developments in making calls overseas affordable

Good news is on the horizon for Europeans who like to stay in touch via mobile while travelling. Starting in July 2012, the European Union will be lowering its cap on the roaming rates phone companies can charge for overseas calls and texts, from 0.32 euro a minute to 0.24 euro a minute.

How to make cheap international calls

Long before the luxury of mobile phones and the Internet, keeping in touch with family and friends while travelling was a costly effort. To make an international call, the choices were limited to the local phone booth which quickly ate through your change or the hotel telephone service which charged exorbitant rates.

Using mobile phones abroad Tips for making cheap calls abroad

Whether you're taking your mobile phone abroad every few weeks, or just once or twice a year, there are easy ways to save on international phone calls. It sounds obvious, but work out what you need to say first.

How Can I Make International Calls While Traveling Abroad?

Question: How Can I Make International Calls While Traveling Abroad? Your options for making international calls while traveling are no longer limited to using calling cards and hunting down a phone booth (yes, those still do exist).

Make the Most Out of Affordable International Calling Facilities

If you are sitting in Canada and thinking that you are all about to empty your wallet over international phone calls to your family in India, then it's time you purchase an international phone call package. Wondering what an international phone call package is all about?

The top 10 ways to make phone calls when you are abroad

Welcome to the Gadling top 10 ways to make phone calls when you are abroad. This top 10 list will take a quick glance at 10 ways you can save on keeping in touch with people back home.

Four Ways to Save on Calling When Abroad

Frequent business travelers might have to factor in new cost when abroad this year: Sky-high fees for international mobile phone calls and data use.

International Calling with Cell Phones Made Affordable

TopSavings.Net offers the following service at their site.

How to save money on international phone calls

IP phone home! Australians are an international bunch. More than a quarter of us were born in another country, and we're heading abroad more often. So it's no surprise that many of us often need to contact friends and family overseas.

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