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Top 10 Things To Do While In Alaska

Alaska has been dubbed as one of the best travel destinations in the world especially in summer. If you are planning to visit there as a cruiser or a traveler, you will definitely marvel in its beauty. Aside from that, there are numerous activities you, your friends or your family would enjoy. If you haven’t made any plans yet on what specific activity you would like to do when you get there, here are the top ten things to do while you are in Alaska.

A Quick Guide To Skiing And Snowboarding Alaska | Grind TV

If you are in for such adventures, then you would definitely enjoy skiing and snowboarding in Alaska. It has known to be the world’s best place for these activities because of its vast mountain ranges, tall peaks and snow-capped mountains. For years, it has been the place of fulfillment for every serious skier and snowboarder’s bucket list.

Recreational Fishing in Alaska | Alaska Fisheries

Alaska has a very abundant marine wildlife. Its rivers are teeming with various species of fish such as salmon, halibut and trout. It provides endless recreational fishing opportunities in both fresh and marine waters. You would certainly love fishing there, you just have to make sure that you have your fishing license with you.

Alaska Sea Kayaking Adventures | Sunny Cove

Kayaking in Alaska is nothing like ordinary – it is breathtaking and superb. You can choose whether you want to experience glacier kayaking, island kayaking or bay kayaking. Aside from that there are options for you to choose such as half-day, full-day or multi-day kayaking. Whatever choice you make, you will have nothing to regret.

Dog Sledding In Alaska | Alaska Org

Another exciting activity to do in Alaska is dog sledding. Imagine yourself sitting on a sled and being pulled by Alaska’s most powerful creatures. You can even experience the thrill of dogsledding first-hand or if you want, you can still request a guide to lead the pack. There you will see various dog breeds and their owners join for a race.

Wildlife Watching In Alaska | LA Times

Did you know that the world’s largest bear (Kodiak) and the largest collection of bald eagles can be found in Alaska? You can have a glimpse of these amazing creatures without spending much. There are various spots such as the Denali National Park, where you can experience and see their abundant wildlife.

Alaska River Rafting | Great Alaska

River rafting is a different experience when you are in Alaska. It is an amazing, exciting and fun way to see many of Alaska's wild places. Most of the itineraries offer guided river rafting in order for you to truly enjoy this experience. Whether you’re alone, with a friend or your family, you can certainly love this activity.

The Alaska Outdoors Camping Experience | Travel Alaska Outdoors

Look no further for camping trips because if you want one, you would certainly enjoy it in Alaska. Their adventure tours are perfect for first-time campers and seasoned outdoors persons alike. Besides, Alaska offers campgrounds at or near national parks and protected areas as your home while you enjoy your one of a kind adventure there.

Golf Under the Midnight Sun | Anchorage

Have a little tee time and enjoy playing golf in Alaska’s gold courses. The Alaska golf season usually runs May through September and with the midnight sun, tee times can range from 5 a.m. until nearly midnight. So if you are such a big fan of this sport, grab your club and hit it with your best shot.

Alaska - Historical Sites & Tourist Attractions | InterExchange

One of the best things that you could do while you are in Alaska is visiting their historical sites and attractions. You will be amazed when you see forests filled with native totem poles as well as their 49 national heritage areas across the country. Your itinerary should cover these tours for a complete Alaska experience.

Day Trips And Shore Excursions | Shore Excursions Group

Don’t forget to include say trips and cheap shore excursions along with your cruise or your travel itinerary. This way, you could complete your summer experience in Alaska wherein there are numerous places, landmarks, and nature views for you to see. Take a tour within the state and you can also enjoy tax free shopping.