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Teacher Friendly Technology

Here are a list of technology resources, add some of your own.

How To Create Self Grading Assessments With Google Forms

Google Forms for Online Assessments- This video is wonderful! It is an easy, step-by-step, demonstration on how to create your own Google assessments. I have Google at my school and did not know how easy this was to use until I watched the video. Great resource to increase student engagement.

Flipped-History: Online Assessments Using Google Forms

Google Forms for Online Assessments- Want to easily grade and analyze student work? Would you like to increase student engagement by providing them immediate feedback? This tutorial walks you through the process of creating a Google assessment and how to utilize Flubaroo to grade and analyze your students' work. I have taken professional development courses on Flubaroo, and did not understand it until watching this tutorial.

Flipped Classroom

Digital Classroom-This article provides an overview of the definition and application of a flipped classroom. Teachers wanting to incorporate a new idea into their lesson, may want to try a version of a flipped classroom that will benefit their students and enhance their teaching style.

Wired to Learn: K-12 Students in the Digital Classroom

Digital Classroom- The benefits of a digital classroom include: being able to personalize lessons to accommodate a variety of learning styles, enhance traditional teaching styles, and increase the interest of the staff and stakeholders in the importance of incorporating technology in the classroom. This article sums up how beneficial technology can be for students, teacher, and the community.

Learn It In 5 - Digital Classroom Strategies

Digital Classroom-This link offers an overview of why and how e-learning can benefit students especially in the high school setting. It discusses breaking down the traditional classroom setting to offer a variety of resources and learning opportunities for students.

Training & E-Learning Zone for Quizzes

Google Forms for Online Assessments- Learn how to use Google to create an on-line assessment in just 4 easy steps. That's right 4! This article provides step-by-step instruction with visuals. This information will be very helpful if you're just starting out with Google.




Prezi- If you've never used Prezi before, or you're looking for a good introduction to a project lesson, this video will help. Here you'll find a vivid description of what Prezi is and what it can do for providing others with information.

7 Outstanding Example Presentations Using Prezi

Prezi-This resource provides a variety of examples of how using Prezi can improve and enhance your presentations. The information is broken down into 7 main examples and steps to make it easier to utilize Prezi.

Prezi presentations engage and motivate students

Prezi- Struggling to stop using Power point? This article provides the pros and cons of Prezi verse Power point. The amount of movement, engagement, and attention getting potential of Prezi is discussed in detail.

Using Prezi In Education

Prezi- Worried about what to do with all of the amazing Power points you created? No worries, this article provides you with the know how to import your Power points into a Prezi. Read this to find out how to make your presentation of material interactive, visually impacting, and engaging.