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Updated by Stacy Jackson on Jun 01, 2015
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Keyword Cannibalization

Here is a list of resources on the topic of keyword cannibalization. Have a suggestion to add?

Keyword Cannibalization & SEO

Keyword cannibalization occurs when you 'cannibalize' your own ranking for a keyword. Want to learn how to prevent keyword cannibalism on your website?

Why Your Keywords Are Cannibalizing Your Content Strategy

The days of classical SEO may be over, but there are some keyword-based concepts, such as keyword cannibalization, to consider in your content strategy.

Keyword Targeting, Density, and Cannibalization - Whiteboard Friday

Enough has changed about keyword targeting that it's high time we offered a refresher. In today's Whiteboard Friday, Rand lays out best practices for targeting, and clears the air about density and cannibalization in today's world of search.

Impact of Keyword Cannibalization: Beyond The SEO - Briggsby

Keyword Cannibalization. Duplicate Content. Crawl Priority. All of these are inherently SEO jargon, which can downplay the significance of such problems to boards, exec teams, or senior management. These problems sometimes exist due to information architecture problems or issues with the CMS. However, keyword cannibalization can be the result of a much larger, strategic problem for a company. A problem that can significantly minimize realized revenue. Let’s step out of SEO for a moment and look at some economic aspects …