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Top Shopping Venues in Hanoi – No better spots for Shopping

Hanoi is adorned with plenty of shopping hotspots that work ideally with the ardent shopaholic. From handcrafts that are exclusively Hanoi's to rich designer wear, Hanoi caters to a world of choices.


Hang Bac Street

One of the oldest streets in not only Hanoi but Vietnam itself, the Hang Bac Street takes you on a journey back time and is adorned with some of the finest Silver creations you would have ever laid eyes on. Etched with rich Heritage, the Hang Bac Street has been since the 13th century the hub in Vietnam for some of the finest works of the Silversmith. Today this street is a treasure-trove of Souvenirs most of which are created skillfully using Silver. The rural communities still utilize ancient methods in molding silverware that gives these items a unique touch to it.


HOM Market

Another ancient market in the city, this rather unusual thoroughfare is one of Hanoi's most popular textile markets. Complete with Fabrics in an array of different colors, the HOM market makes the most expansive textile market in all of Hanoi. Whatever the textile, style or color you are likely to find it at the HOM market and the best part is that all of this comes at a very reasonable price. If you love to get your clothes custom made a visit to the HOM Market is a must do.


Trang Tien Plaza

Among the many perks of shopping in Hanoi is the latest and greatest fashion trends that is sure to appeal to a varying range of tastes and interests. In the sprawling Trang Tien Plaza you will have the opportunity to be lost in a sea of fashionable masterpieces that range from the latest clothes and shoes to much more. The highlights of the three floors that make up the Trang Tien are its luxury products but the featured flagship stores in this mall are the Sony and the Levis outlets. Apart from fashion items, even consumer electronics from well-known labels and foreign manufacturers are available here in abundance.


Hang Dau Street

Littered with more than 100 shoe vendors, the Hang Dau Street is considered to be a one stop hub for all those who are in love with the world of shoes. Devoted to heels, pumps and every imaginable variety of footwear known to man, there is no shoe or shoe accessory that a woman can't find in this curious retail heartland. The best part here is that items that are locally produced for globally renowned shoe brands are also found at a fraction of the cost while it is also possible here to reproduce the footwear of popular fashion icons. Strategically located near the Lo Su Junction, the Hang Dau Street can easily be accessed from Somerset Hoa Binh Hanoi or any other Hanoi Serviced Apartment located around the area.


Dong Xuan Market

For tourists visiting Hanoi, a visit to the Dong Xuan Market is a must do mainly because this market is the most expansive enclosed marketplace in all of Hanoi. With plenty of massive space that resembles a traditional thoroughfare in the country, the Dong Xuan Market is a cultural icon in its own right. The entire 3 floors that make up this market is paradise for hawker kiosks and the market as a whole is an excellent location to witness glimpses of the typical Hanoi day to day life.