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Updated by Khadija Amatullah on Jul 21, 2016
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10 Tumblr Themes Under $10

Ten Tumblr themes under $10

White Meter Theme

White Meter is a HTML5, responsive, grid based tumblr theme with a fixed sidebar, in a minimal white style. It features a customisable sidebar with your tumblr name, description, avatar and links to all your pages and social media networks.

Calm - Tumblr Theme

Calm is as simple as it looks. A wide variety of options is available, which will allow you to customize your own blog. Multiple Columns Select anywhere from three to five columns, which you can easily choose on the customization page.

Vegas - Responsive Tumblr Theme

Vegas is a responsive tumblr theme with lots of customization options. It dedicated for photo blogs, because it's got many options for this type of post. Theme support all types of posts, so you can post anything you want to. You can check all custom options .

Mari - Responsive Grid Tumblr Theme

Mari is a highly customizable and full responsive Tumblr theme with masonry grid layout It comes with a wide range of features such as Google Analytics support and instagram feed.

Noir - Tumblr Theme

The minimalistic and simple theme as it was made to be. Be a blogger, minimalist and photographer with Noir. Select Columns Select anywhere from three to five columns, which you can easily choose on the customization page. Fast Image Loading Tumblr sometimes gets lazy, but the techniques used to design Calm will reduce the time to load images.

Mighty - Tumblr Theme

The soft-grunge style theme for designers and artists. With a plenty of options, customize by yourself and get a blog that you want. Features. + Make it blog or grid. (one columns or 250, 400, 500, three, four columns) + Responsive layout. + Alter colors on the theme. + Change photo navigation.

Peach - Tumblr Theme

The minimalistic and easy-to-customize theme for designers and artists. 'Theme can look this pretty' Display your artwork even pettier, simpler and better. This theme is the commercial version, if you want to use the regular license version of this theme, you can download it for free here : Key features.

Single A Premium Tumblr Theme

Single A Premium is an upgrade to our free Single A theme. Notable in addition to Single A's many features, the Premium theme includes a header image option, Instagram integration, and customizable background color. If you love Single A, your blog will be all the more impressive with Premium!

Lemon - Responsive Tumblr Theme

Lemon is simple and minimal. Ideal for any type of user.

Launch Button Mailchimp Tumblr Theme

The Launch Button A mailchimp integrated tumblr theme. No API's or funny business, just paste the code that mailchimp provides and you're good to go (See FAQ below for full instructions). Best used as an email collecting landing page for yourself or your product.

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