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Expat Neighbourhoods in Hong Kong

Useful and practical information for expats and their families who are considering moving to Hong Kong. This includes details on Hong Kong international schools and the education system, expat housing, healthcare and recreational facilities.

Why Hong Kong's quiet side suits buyers seeking green space

For expats and their families moving to Hong Kong, there is a wide variety of housing options, and neighbourhoods are very distinctive in their residential styles, in particular with regards to family living. You can learn more about Hong Kong's most popular expat districts at Expat Essentials

Hong Kong Expat Neighbourhoods – Mid-Levels

The fact that those who can't live on The Peak usually live in Mid-Levels shouldn't make this highly desirable area sound like second best. It's not quite as high-end and exclusive, both physically and socially, as The Peak, but it's much more affordable and still a very sought-after place to live. Learn more about Hong Kong's expat neighbourhoods at Expat Essentials

Getting to Know Hong Kong's Expat Neighbourhoods – Repulse Bay

The south side of Hong Kong Island is among the city’s most desirable places to live, combining a great location close to the city with a more relaxed, beach-front lifestyle and some sensational accommodation. And the most desirable of all addresses on the south side is Repulse Bay. To learn more about Hong Kong's expat neighbourhoods, visit Expat Essentials

Direct Hire or Employment Agency: Hiring Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong

Julie Delignon from HelperChoice gives advice to expats in Hong Kong on the best way to hire a domestic helper.

The Costs Of Employing A Domestic Worker In Hong Kong

Julie Delignon from Helper Choice advises Hong Kong expats on the costs of hiring domestic helpers, as well as the associated ongoing costs involved.

Hong Kong-Based Start-Up Revolutionises Training For Domestic Workers

HelperChoice in Hong Kong has launched a new initiative to help domestic workers to develop their skills in areas such as English skills, cooking, sewing and elderly care.

Servcorp Coworking Spaces In Hong Kong – Who You Can Expect To Rub Shoulders With

In this expat blog, you can read more about the range of Servcorp coworking spaces that are available in Hong Kong, and the advantages of shared office space.