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Top Things to do in Shenyang - Must-Experience Activities in Shenyang

As the bustling capital of Liaoning Province, Shenyang is a tourist hub like no other in China. Home to its own Forbidden City and palaces the top holiday activities in Shenyang are as follows.


Tour the North Tomb or the Zhaoling Tomb

Tipped to be one of the most intriguing historic sites in all of Shenyang, the North Tomb or the Luminous Tomb as it is popularly known contains the tomb or burial site of the Qing Dynasty's founding father Huang Taiji. Occupying the northern fringes of Shenyang's Old City quarter this area the North Tomb is contained in has been converted into a leisure area known as Beiling Park in modern times. Spread out across 160,000 square meters the Zhao Ling is the largest tomb to occupy the space although several imperial burial sites are located inside the landscaped park. Ornate and elaborate the tombs of the emperor and empress and stunningly crafted while the park itself offers visitors a welcome respite from the pace of downtown Shenyang. Some of the other activities available to visitors touring the tombs and Beiling Park include paddle boat rides and canoe excursions on the park's lake while cycle rentals and food kiosks are also found in this picnic hub.


Explore the Shenyang Imperial Palace

As the city's main attraction and most coveted landmark no visit to Shenyang would be complete without a stopover at its Imperial Palace. Often compared to Beijing's Forbidden City due to its grand and imposing appearance the Shenyang Imperial Palace is located in the heart of Old Qing and Ming City within the district of Shenhe. Known as one of the best surviving examples of the Manchu school of palatial architecture the venue is a site that is a historic highlight in the city as well. Having served as the residence of Emperor Nurhachi the Shenyang Forbidden City as it is locally known houses the Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum which was declared open to the public as early as 1926. Visitors occupying convenient accommodation in Shenyang in establishments such as the Somerset Heping Shenyang will have easy access to the palace and other sites around the city.


Cycle across Shenyang Strange Slope Scenic Area

A nature lover's dream come true a cycling tour of Shenyang Strange Slope Scenic Area is another must-experience activity for the masses. Located a mere 30km from the heart of Shenyang the Shenyang Strange Slope Scenic Area is a geographical oddity that is 80m in length and 15m in width. With strange tilt that extends from its eastern quarter to the west the area is a popular biking hub for locals as well as tourists who affectionately christened the incline as the "Strange Slope" of Shenyang. Spread out across a vast expanse the idyllic area is a well-known park in the area which includes hills and river as well as several natural and man-made highlights that number well over twenty.


Explore the Liaoning Provincial Museum

Having opened its doors as early as 1949 the Liaoning Provincial Museum holds the honour of being the first museum space to have been established in New China. Located within the residential mansion of renowned local icon Tang Yuling the venue showcases an impressive 115,000 exhibits within its confines which dates from prehistoric eras and extends to the latter half of the Qing Dynasty.


Discover the Shenyang International Horticultural Expo Garden

Conveniently situated a mere 18km from the city's centre the Shenyang Expo Garden is a massive horticultural enclave of 246 acres. Housing 53 domestically themed exhibition gardens the venue also boasts 23 global garden spaces as well as 24 "special" horticultural enclaves. Separated in to a Horticultural Area and Leisure Area the locale is one of the most picturesque corners of Shenyang.