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Updated by Roger Gary on May 27, 2015
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6 Yoga moves that makes you look younger- keep as fit as fiddle

Yoga could be the best thing invented since sliced bread in the eastern hemisphere. What is gym for the West is Yoga to you in the east. Although very much difficult at the beginning, you will slowly come to terms with your body. It is simply a matter of doing the right kind of Yoga.



You need to lie on the floor and raise legs up. It could be about a 90 degree angle. Then press your hands and keep your abs occupied. You should be able to raise your legs over your head. If you cannot make the legs touch the floor behind you, there is another option. You can keep your hands on back to prop your weight. If your toes touch the floor hold your fingers tight. You can even try rolling your shoulder blades together underneath your body. Then stay firm in that position for about 45 seconds. Afterwards you can roll through the spine and free yourself from the pose.


Shoulder stand

Here you simply lie on the floor on your back. You do that with arms at your sides, and palms down. Then press your hands to the floor. This, you do while lifting the legs up to the air - towards the ceiling. Then place your hands on the lower back while spreading the fingers wide. Afterwards you need to life your legs directly upwards. With this position you are looking in the direction of the ceiling, with one leg at once. Try your best to make your body without bending too much. To maintain this, you need to move your hands down your back in close proximity to the shoulder blades. Be in that position for about three minutes. Then release it gently. You will now feel calm and now can roll through your spine to get back to the mat.


Downward facing dog

Now this gives you a hint. You can start on your hands and knees. Hands should be shoulder-distance apart with your palms resting flat on the floor. Move on to the next step with your knees bent, abs occupied and be yourself in the shape of an inverted V. Make sure you keep your feet should be distance apart. If possible make a good attempt to extend your heels to the floor with your butt facing the ceiling. Do not forget to relax your neck.


Forward bend

This position is possible with as you keep a distance between feet and hip. You need to relax your neck and cross your arms while hinging forward from your hips. And stay in that position for about 45 seconds.



Dolphin position is to Kneel on the floor and rest your forearms on the ground at the shoulder width with fingers interlaced. If you are clueless as to what Dolphin position is, you can seek consultation from any Sri Lanka Yoga Retreats such as Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions.



Simply like Dolphin, lay on the floor on your back. Throw yourself to the ground with hands placed under your bottom. You need to pressure elbows into the floor. That will help in lifting your chest facing the ceiling. When you do this, your body automatically is arched.