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Updated by Roland Lefevre (Uditha Dharmawardhane) on May 26, 2015
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Top Things to do in Habarana – Luxuriously Verdant Village of Sigiriya

Habarana a sleepy little village located in the historical district of Sigiriya - home to verdant jungles and roads; crossed by wandering herds of animals. Ideal for nature lovers and culture buffs.


Elephant Rides in Habarana

Riding the majestic creatures across the lush forests of Habarana is a rewarding way to explore the area. The elephant safaris generally last around an hour and cover the inner wilderness of the village. Trek your way across the jungles and relish sights of wildlife and discover the multitude of foliage that flourishes in the wild. Making your way across the grasslands on the back of an elephant affords one a fabulous view of the surroundings and does not come any closer to feeling like a king.


Visit the Rock Fortress

World UNESCO Heritage Site – Sigiriya Rock Fortress is a short drive from Habarana. If you choose accommodation at a Sigiriya hotel chances are that the tour desk will organise excursions to the rock. A definite must visit when in Habarana the Sigiriya rock is home to a centuries old ancient rock fortress built by King Kashyapa. Within are the infamous rock paintings or 'Sigiriya Bithusithuwam' and mirror wall that draw visitors from around the world. Discover Lotus ponds, meditation caves and climb the summit for breath-taking views and sights of the beautiful roof top gardens that are a representation of the might of the Lankan Kingdoms.


Experience the Village Life

A remarkable experience that lets you savour the laid back tranquillity of village life; tours to the nearby village of Hiriwadunna are organised for folks yearning to look at the 'other side' of life. Wander the quiet dirt roads in the back of a bullock cart and savour the astounding quiet – that is only broken by the trill of a bird. Relax within the cool confines of a mud hut complete with thatched roof and savour the most delicious home-cooked meals in Sri Lanka. If you are hankering for tranquillity and vast expanses of greenery; consider choosing Habarana village type resorts. These luxurious resorts offer all the modern comforts within the tranquillity of huge gardens, quiet nooks and chalet style rooms that exude a relaxing ambiance. For all this consider the Chaaya Village Habarana.


Set off in the Path of Kings

Head out to Rittigala rock a lush jungle steeped in mystery. Legend has it that one of Sri Lanka's bravest kings used the forest as a sanctuary during times of war while an ancient relic gives vent to the legend that a revered band of monks once dwelt in the forest. Visitors are transported to Rittigala and allowed to explore the surroundings and relics of historical buildings there; as well as indulge in an elephant back safari. Look forward to a delicious local meal all wrapped up in a lotus leaf at the end of your adventure.


Enjoy an Afternoons 'Catch'

Fishing in the glistening lakes around Habarana is quite a treat. Have yourself an early breakfast and set off on a fishing adventure. Hop into a traditional wooden canoe carved out of a narrow bark and paddle your way to the middle of the lake - for an afternoon of sheer tranquillity and bliss. Generally the catch of the day is grilled to perfection within a little jungle clearing complete with bonfire and loads of friendly vibes.