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Updated by Key Acanto on May 25, 2015
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Celebrities With Weird Backstage Demands

It is normal for celebrities to have some strange backstage demands. With their hectic schedules and efforts trying to entertain people, it is an ordinary scene for celebrities to have a special list of items in the backstage and while they are out of the spotlight. Here is a list of celebrities with the weirdest backstage requests.


Beyonce has become one of the famous diva these days and there is no doubt with that. It is not surprising that “Queen B” have some strange ridiculous demands. This famous “Single Ladies” singer wants a her dressing room to be specifically set at 72 degrees, baby proofed and it should be spacious enough to create a “sitting room” atmosphere. Heavily seasoned chicken legs and beverages (no Coca-Cola products) should be presented in a table for catering dressed with clean white table cloth.

Taylor Swift

Contrary to her diva-like attitude in front of the camera, the “Blank Space” singer is not very strict and choosy when it comes to her dressing room or choice of food. Her tour bus is an equivalent of a dorm room. However, it is not easy-breezy for Swift’s backstage crew. She is very particular with her 11 am habit. If ever she arrives before 11 am, make sure you have a pit-stop at Starbucks or you’ll unleash the diva in her.

Katy Perry

All hell breaks loose when you bring Katy Perry a carnation. Bring her pink flowers, and purple hydrangeas, pink & white roses and peonies or seasonal white flowers or orchids but definitely not carnations. This “California Gurls” singer is also very health conscious. Her choice of food is like a farmer’s market shopping list. Catering service must include fresh veggies like spinach, carrots, broccoli, celery, beets and kale. Have a two large basket of fruits presented in the table and it must include one tropical fruit. For dinner, there must be a vegetarian option and quinoa or couscous. Lastly, all meals should be low-fat and no msg.

Lady Gaga

Mother Monster sure loves smoothie. Lady Gaga has the entire smoothie station in her dressing room. And if you think specific room temperature and strange food choice of celebrities are dive demands, wait till you find out that Lady Gaga requested in one of her shows. She specifically demanded lavender towels and a mannequin with puffy pink hair in naughty places. Is there something more bizarre than that?




If you wish to be a part of the backstage crew of the “Set Fire to the Rain” singer, remember this one thing… North American beer is totally not acceptable. In Adele’s tour she demands to have three bottles of best red wines and 12 bottles of exclusively European bears. Along with these beverages, she wants chicken salad sandwiches, Marlboro Lights and 6 metal teaspoons in her dressing room.

Mariah Carey

“We Belong Together” singer also has its share of diva demands. As she is named pop dive, she is really living up with the title. She wants each room to be draped and accessorized with tall, leafy plants, Joe Malone vanilla candles and two vases of white roses. She doesn’t want the door to be directly led her to the dressing room. She wants the entry door open into the living room and the temperature must be set to 75 degrees.