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Agriya Products and Services

In our company agriya provides following web development services. html5 development, angularjs development, node.js development, cakephp development services, laravel development services, yii development, and then bootstrap development services.

YII Development

YII framework is the free and open-source web development framework which ensures rapid website development process with less cost. Expansion of YII is "Yes It Is", from the name itself, it proves that it is the framework that assist to create a user-friendly website quickly.

Laravel is simple, elegant and the best Framework for PHP

Laravel, used in the development of web applications, is a free and an open source PHP framework. It has emerged as the best PHP framework among many developers. Given its simplicity, ease of use and modern toolkit, it is the most sought after framework these days.

Laravel Framework-Best Practice for Custom based Web Application - Agriya

Most of the web developers have started practicing the latest PHP based framework technology to build a personalized web application. It is none other than a simple, elegant, and well-documented Laravel framework. It eases the burden of the developers from the spaghetti coding and avail them with trouble-free syntax to create websites with this comprehensive framework. Would you like to read more information about this article please visit:

Some Reasons to Choose CakePHP as Framework

Moreover, themes and plugins are more powerful and robust in the CakePHP framework for providing advancement in creating the web application. While the developer working on the CakePHP framework, they can reuse the codes for many other projects just by recycling it. This framework provides better performance with excellent bootstrap designs, routing and helper templates. Read more information about this article.

Agriya Web Development Services

#html #html5 #webdevelopment HTML5 is increasingly being used in the mobile web application development as it has many advantages to it, such as ease of maintenance, interoperability and sooner development time.

Choose the best CakePHP development company for your project

Over the decade, being the earliest PHP framework, CakePHP is very popular and widely utilized by most of the web developers. Since its existence, numerous web development companies like Agriya have flourished in the online world for rendering optimum CakePHP development services.

Laravel Framework - How its features contribute into PHP

Before to the analysis of the features of this framework, let us know what is it all about Laravel and why is it so famous. This framework is an open source web application framework. It follows the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern. Using this pattern, user interfaces can be implemented. Since its launch, Laravel has been gaining popularity. And with the unveiling of Laravel5, web development will become easier and simpler. And so, laravel developers will find their task a breeze.

Why AngularJS is highly popular? - Agriya

A completely free framework like Angular helps to use HTML as a template language, creates RICH Internet Application and offers its developers a client-side application. Besides, this framework also enables the extending of HTML’s syntax. More importantly, AngularJS developers have the advantage of eliminating much of the code that has to be written, thanks to data binding and dependency injection of AngularJS.

Agriya Web Development Services

We discussed some of the interesting factors of a CakePHP in previous release article Give some reasons to choose CakePHP as Framework that ensures sophisticated technologies in developing a website with bug-free and flexible coding functions. Further, it helps developer to create complex websites. Let us see some of the amazing features of the Framework.

Major Trends in the Rise of Laravel as a Famous Framework

Time and again, statistics have placed Laravel framework as the most popular framework for PHP. This popularity is only reflective of the PHP developers' choice when it comes to choosing an ideal framework. So why are Laravel developers finding this framework so popular when there are so many other frameworks to choose from?

Strengths and weakness of Laravel 5 PHP frame work

Chennai, Tamil Nadu -- Jul 21, 2015 / ( -- Analyse it "Most of PHP developers realise applications are performing in coding and functional plug-and play libraries known as modules that are emerged with numerous frameworks. In this article, we are going to discuss about strength and weakness of the Laravel 5 PHP frameworks". Laravel 5 is a popular and leading PHP frameworks among the Web Artisans. It is a powerful web application framework with expressive and advanced query syntax that makes web development easy by enabling general tasks. Laravel 5 take efforts to avoid pain out of the development process by utilizing common task used in the majority of web projects such as route, queue, sessions, caching and authentication. It offers dynamic tools for Laravel developer to handle large web applications. visit source link for read more:

Web Development Services

CakePHP is a rapidly growing and leading, open source framework among the web developers for its robust capabilities. It mainly focused on the architectural base of your websites and pursues the concept of Model-View-Controller (MVC) that ensures extensible architecture for developing simple coding and deploying applications.

Web Development Services

Rapidly improved to the older versions of PRADO, Yii 2 has amassed every trait of a modern PHP framework within a short time span, since its introduction. The term is pronounced as the typical "Yee" and it is the reduced form of "Yes it is".

Web Development Services

This intelligent software allows web developers to create web applications with attractive features in a short span of time. It gains more significant among developers and ensures massive user experience to the web user and potential customers.
Let us look out some key features of the AngularJS in web development.

Web Development Services

Do your email marketing campaigns seem to be ineffective or left unnoticed by clients? Is the vitality of your email marketing entirely lost? Then HTML5 happens to be the finest option. HTML5 is one step ahead of all its predecessors in merits. It assists users to create web pages or emails fully loaded with features.

Bootstrap 4 coming with excellent features

The famous Bootstrap framework needs no introduction. Nevertheless, in a nutshell, it is a free and open-source web design framework with a set of tools meant for creating web applications and websites. Four years have passed after it was introduced, and it still continues to enjoy the popular support of all the companies employing Bootstrap...

7 most popular JavaScript frameworks of 2015

JavaScript framework is the latest buzz word among the today’s web development companies and web developers for creating their web application with less effort. There are numerous JavaScript frameworks, each one has its own significance in developing an excellent web application.

All you need is a proven and high-end JavaScript framework which suits your web application. Today, we shall discuss 7 best JavaScript frameworks for 2015 starting from its existence, benefits, way of working and till kinds of projects which highly suits well.

7 useful Node.js development tools for 2015

With the arrival of Node.js, creating a website in JavaScript is very easy and cost-effective. This framework brings a massive changeover in the web application development with the advanced push innovation instead of using old web sockets. With these beneficial aspects, Node.js is gaining popularity among web developers who aspire to develop their next website in this framework.

There are many prominence tools in Node.js which helps in designing and establishing a successful website and mobile application with ease. Here are 7 useful and amazing Node.js development tools which ease the burden of a Node.js developer.

Laravel- The PHP based framework to establish your own eCommerce website

Laravel always keeps amazing everyone with its exclusive technique, its excellent features, tools, modules and community support. Since its existence, Laravel, open source PHP based framework, has been using the agile development approach to create a user-friendly website rapidly. It is difficult to deny the truth that this framework is highly flexible and suitable for any kinds of business model.


Yii Development Company

Get the finest yii framework development services for your various needs from Agriya, the best yii development company in India. Our developers always meet the requirement on time