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Top Transformers Toys - List and Reviews 2016

From Cybertron to the stars to Earth - Transformers have certainly made some big waves over the past several years, gathering quite a following of movie, games and toys fans! I speak from personal experience when I say this: The toys available are really something, and they go beyond simply a "toy" into a whole new world of interaction and imagination.

With that said, I have gathered together - according to popularity and reviews/ratings - the best Transformers toys for kids for 2016, plus some other helpful lists, resources and tips...

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Transformers Cybertron Voyager Quickmix with Stripmine

Quick-thinking, intuitive and totally loyal to the Giant Planet and its inhabitants, QUICKMIX serves as right hand mech to METROPLEX®. It is he who first confronts MENASOR® over the evil robot's betrayal of the Giant Planet's traditions, and who encourages METROPLEX to avoid becoming involved in the affairs of the AUTOBOTS...

Transformers Cybertron Scout Hardtop

HARDTOP has been left on Earth to serve as a spy, tracker and ground-based spotter for the aerial team of STARSCREAM® and THUNDERCRACKER®. He uses his impressive array of sensors not only to pinpoint AUTOBOT® targets up to 7000 miles away, but also to listen to and record the treasonous whining of STARSCREAM...

Transformers Deluxe Classic Starscream

Ruthless, cold-blooded, and capable, STARSCREAM makes no secret of the fact that he wants to replace MEGATRON as leader of the DECEPTICONS. The fastest flyer among the DECEPTICONS ranks and one of the most dangerous warriors ever to grace the skies of CYBERTRON, he is still something of a coward...

Transformers Alternators - Ford Mustang (Grimlock)


Transformers Cybertron Leader Galaxy Force Optimus Prime

Use the cyber planet key to unlock the power...

3 Toddler-Friendly Transformers Toys in 2016

These toys are chunkier, clunkier, and safer for super-young Transformer fans. And they change in a few smooth motions that toddlers can master themselves in no time…

Best Transformers - 2016 Top 5 Toy List and Reviews

It's probably not a surprise that Transformers are popular toys - but what folks may not be aware of is the sheer number of them - new ones being released all them time. Of all of them, which are the best? Well, some are getting better reviews than others - here are 5 of the best for 2016...

Top 10 Transformers Toys 2016

As was true with previous years, the ever-evolving lineup of Transformers toys has even more features and must-haves that would “trip the trigger” of just about any Transformers fan, young or old. With so many different categories and variations of these toys, there are many, many to choose from...

Best Transformers Toys 2016

This year’s Kid-Mash mashup – the “best of” Transformers toys for kids and collectors – top picks, lists, reviews…

Best Transformers Toys for Kids 2016

For those young Transformers "oficiandos" out there - here is a collection of lists, reviews, tips and the "best of" Transformers toys for kids for 2016.

Best Transformers Toys for Kids - 2016 Summer and Fall Top 5 List

Find this year's top picks for kids - the best Transformers toys...

How to Make a paper Optimus Prime Transformer

Make your own Optimus Prime out of paper. It even transforms!

Transformers Movie Toys & Products

Genetic of TFND continues to provide us with early in-hand images of exciting new figures. Today we are treated to an in-depth collection of Ultimate Edition Jetwing Prime in all his glory. This figure features additional paint apps, tinted windows, semi-articulated hands, a mini Allspark Cube, an entire armory of weapons including: knuckle-busters, Energon swords and hooks, Buster rifle, Striker cannon and more.

The Ultimate Transformers Fansite - is a massive website about Transformers toys, cartoons, comics, and movies. Popular features include daily news, toy galleries, a message board, a podcast, and more than meets the eye!

Transformers Games | Free Online Games for Kids | Action Games

Official Transformers games for kids. It's the age old conflict: Autobots vs. Decepticons. Play all the games and fight to save the earth... or destroy it!

Transformers Games - KIDS GAMES HEROES

Transformers Games - KIDS GAMES HEROES Transformers Modern technology has certainly brought about loads of benefits and uber coolness to our society. However, it has also brought about eerie things like the possibility of having the Terminator come to life and the odds of the emergence of a highly advanced alien race of humanoid robots known by many of us as the Transformers.

Transformers Party Supplies - Transformers Birthday- Party City

50% off Transformers party tableware! Find Transformers party supplies, Transformers party favors, Transformers birthday decorations, Transformers party invitations, and more.

Transformers coloring pages. Free printable coloring sheets for kids.

Transformers coloring pages for kids you can print and color. Make your own Transformers coloring book with thousands of coloring sheets!

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