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Kona Company | Blogs

Innovation: Do it or Die - Kona Company

Innovation is more than just a buzzword (yes, it is a buzzword). The phrase, "if you're not growing you're dying" means that businesses need to consistently introduce new ways of thinking about old problems. For example, a friend who owns a printing company recently launched a mobile app to deliver high quality prints of photos shot on smartphones because many of his core printing products had become commoditized.

Master Tag Manager with Google's Analytics Academy - Kona Company

Web Analytics remains a core component of a Digital Strategy by allowing marketers to connect the dots and understand their website performance. We use Google Analytics daily to measure website and marketing campaign effectiveness. Google Analytics provides the digital marketer with an essential tool set of data and reporting.

The Advantages of Responsive Web Pages - Kona Company

In recent years, the term 'responsive design' has become mainstream, referring to web design that responds to a screen size and displays accordingly. We know that it is important for a website to be responsive-especially today as the world becomes increasingly digitized on mobile devices.

Best Practices for Mobile Paid Search - Kona Company

Google recently announced more search queries are performed on mobile devices than on computers in the United States and in 10 other countries. Two thirds of Americans now own smartphones and nearly 200 million users are expected to search on mobile by 2018 according to eMarketer.

Client Spotlight: Yoga Now - Kona Company

In the fall of 2014, the owner of the Chicago-based yoga studio, Yoga Now, approached Kona Company regarding a new website. The existing website was out of date, not well optimized and not mobile friendly. Kona Company got to work on a new website, which launched earlier this week.

Top 5 Avoidable SEO Mistakes - Kona Company

While SEO can be a complicated and tedious process, there are certainly basics that all people, whether individual web designers or large businesses, can utilize in order to generate more organic search traffic.

YouTube SEO: 3 Steps to Optimize Your YouTube Channel

There is no question about the influence that YouTube has had on internet users over the past decade. From laughing babies to training tutorials, the possibilities of YouTube videos available to the world are endless. Yet with more than 100 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, it becomes much more difficult to actually generate views and popularity than simply pressing upload.

Industry Insights from the Inside: An Interview with Evanston Edge - Kona Company

Moving into the Digital Marketing sphere, especially as a new start-up entrepreneur, can seem daunting at first. Even as the world becomes increasingly digital and mobile devices reign supreme, one has to be strategic to get off the ground, stand out from the crowd and succeed.

How to Avoid a Google Penalty and Preserve your SEO - Kona Company

Many of our clients receive 50% or more of their traffic from Google organic searches. In order to preserve this valuable source of traffic, businesses need to follow Google's best practices to avoid a manual action penalty - like the plague.

Web Analytics: KPIs - Evaluating Traffic Sources - Kona Company

Key performance indicator (KPI) is a popular term that describes consistent measurements a company can use in order to set goals and identify growth potential in marketing, sales or any other type of business performance. There is no concrete list of KPIs because they are dependent on what a specific company wishes to measure and improve upon.

How to Convert Window Shoppers with Google Remarketing - Kona Company

With summer upon us, I was recently in the market to buy a tent for an upcoming camping trip. The requirements for the tent were: Easy to set up Durable enough to withstand the elements Spacious enough to accommodate four people without feeling cramped Before settling on a brand, I began researching tents on my smartphone.

Flat design: The future of web design - Kona Company

Like technology, web design is evolving. First, it was popular to 'wow' visitors with eye-catching graphics, vivid colors and striking animation. Following the 'wow' era, was the skeuomorphic trend. Skeuomorphism is a style of design in which items on a screen, for instance, the sun on the pre-downloaded weather app on the iPhone, attempted to closely resemble its real life counterpart.

Mobile trends for 2016: Convert customers with mobile - Kona Company

Is your Digital Strategy prepared for 2016? Learn more about why 2016 is the year of the mobile-first world and how you can convert customers with mobile.