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Updated by Zoe Summers on May 22, 2015
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Top 10 Social Media Blog Posts @ Mass Planner

Here you can find the best MassPlanner blog posts.

8 Keys To Effective Promotional Messaging

According to the latest data, the worth of online marketing industry is estimated at $49.5 billion in the United States alone. That includes social media marketing and mobile marketing, even though search still remains the biggest investment magnet.

7 Steps To Turn Your Ideas And Research Into Amazing Articles

At this precise moment there are 233.7 million individual blogs on Tumblr and over 410 million people view just a tad over 1.420.000 new posts a day that get published on WordPress.

The Top Must-Read Books For Building Your Writing Skills

Several days ago a very close friend asked me to help him with a certain job application. It wasn't the first time something like that happened. I have always been the go-to person with my friends when they needed a hand with their job or scholarship applications.

8 Ways To Get Started With A Successful Social Media Strategy

In case you're feeling overwhelmed about Social Media Marketing these days, don't despair. You're not alone! Sure, there's always the social media superstars bunch that makes it all look like a walk in the park. You're probably wondering what kind of magic they do.

Social media metrics - or what to keep your eyes on

Social media metrics are the statistics upon which expert marketers base all of their actions on. They monitor them carefully and interpret the findings to optimize their results. But what metrics do they look for and what do they do with those metrics after they've understood what they measure?

How to Build a Social Media Strategy for Your Personal Brand

Building a personal brand is extremely important when it comes to businesses which rely on a single person. The way your potential customers perceive you personally will play a significant role in whether or not they decide to work with you or with the next person who seems friendly and knowledgeable enough.

Social media marketers: The good, the bad and the successful

Social media marketing is not an easy field to play in, but if you manage to master the field, there's nothing stopping you from achieving exponential growth and success. Not all of us can reach the mastery of our desired craft, just as not all aspiring professional athletes make it to the big leagues.

8 Ways To Come Up With Fresh Blog Post Ideas

As we already tackled turning ideas into amazing articles and blog posts in our previous posts, it is time we focused some more on the ways to come up with something new and fresh when your idea pool is a tad dry.

7 reasons why you don't have more fans on Facebook

When Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in his university dorm room at Harvard University in 2004, it filled an empty space in people's lives. You could connect with people you haven't seen in ages, or if you meet someone you can deepen the relationship online first, and then head out for that long overdue cup of coffee on your first date.

How to Succeed - The Science Behind Viral Marketing

Just a few days ago, the last episodes of my favorite television show have started airing. You have probably seen Mad Men, if not because you actually like it, then only to see what the hype was all about. The show follows the life of Don Draper, an ad man from 60's (and later 70's) New York.