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Top 6 Resources For All Personal Injury Needs

Minor injuries like a cut or a small wound can easily be treated at home. However, more severe injuries like deep lacerations or head trauma require professional medical attention – and often, a lot of money. If you were hurt through an accident and you believe someone should be responsible for your medical bills, you’ve come to right place.

Here are six resources to shed light into the elements involved in a personal injury claim.

Injuries From A to Z - FindLaw

There are all kinds of injuries based on what caused it. From Accutane poisoning to Worker’s Compensation, this page aims to help you identify WHAT your injury is and to EDUCATE you on the next legal steps to take.

For example, Accutane is a strong prescription drug meant to treat cystic acne, along with other skin-related conditions. While it’s normal for drugs to have side effects, any abnormal reactions should be reported to a medical professional right away. If it ceases to subside or begins affecting you in other ways, you can contact a product liability attorney for more information about this matter.

Claim or Lawsuit? - Injury Claim Coach

Next, you need to understand the difference between FILING A CLAIM and FILING A LAWSUIT. Those are two different things and must NOT be taken lightly. In general, a CLAIM is an issue between the insurance providers or two individuals, or corporations. If both parties agree to a certain amount to settle the problem, then the claim is closed. A LAWSUIT happens after negotiations fail. This means neither party will accept a settlement and the case must go to court. This usually happens for personal injuries involving: death, fractures, dismemberment, serious impairment, etc. This page attempts to clearly explain the attributes of each term, and outlines the processes involved.

How Much is a Personal Injury Case Worth? -

Once you believe you have a claim, you might be interested in knowing how much your case is worth. This page is a useful source to better understand what is considered during the computation procedures. Please note that these are the basics ONLY. If you want a clearer picture, it must be discussed solely with your chosen personal injury attorney. However, knowing what you could be entitled to is a good first step. Depending on the type of injury you have (which you should have been able to identify from resource #1), you may receive compensation for: medical treatment, income and/or property loss, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, and emotional distress.

Ask Your Potential Lawyer -

By now, you feel confident in your case and want to proceed to a personal injury claim. But you have trouble finding the right attorney. Don’t worry – many firms nowadays offer free over-the-phone consultations services. You can take advantage of this by asking them important questions before your actual visit. Normally, these would cost you a couple of hundred dollars; but as it is free, you get to save money from the onset. Go ahead and read this page for the top queries to ask your potential lawyer. Be brief, but specific.

How to Prepare for Your Consultation - Contra Costa County Bar Association

If you already have a candidate for a personal injury lawyer, you will be scheduled for a first consultation. It’s crucial that you get the most out of this visit. Avoid wasting time and bring all necessary paperwork with you. If you must, print out the questions from resource #4 as a guide so you won’t forget anything important. Remember to bring a small notebook and pen to write down what your lawyer advises you to do. Of course, dress appropriately.

FAQs on Personal Injury - Accident Attorney Help

Still confused? Here’s a great resource that sums up the basics of what you will need to win a personal injury case. In addition, it explains how long you need to wait before a settlement can be reached, as well as the first steps you need to take beforehand. Want a free case evaluation? Go ahead and send the details of your injury to an experienced personal injury lawyer today.