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Best Teddy Bear Gifts to Buy - Top List and Reviews 2016

There are a few categories of toy classics that I really pay attention to - including teddy bears. While the concept of these lovable plush pets hasn't really changed, the different ones available for kids (and us "big kids") has changed quite a bit. Over the years, some of the most wonderful, huggable bears have come available - here are what I have found to be the best for this year of 2016.

PS: I have also included additional lists and resources for your perusing. =)


GUND Philbin Chocolate Teddy Bear (12")

GUND is proud to introduce Philbin — one of our most popular character bears in an 12” chocolate colored seated plush toy format. This classic design features cute paw pad accents and a curious expression that’s impossible not to love! As always, high-quality and huggable soft plush ensures that GUND products remain loyal pals for years to come. Surface-washable. Appropriate for ages one and up.

Gund My First Teddy Bear (15")

GUND knows that it’s never too early to make a lifelong friend. My First Teddy is a soft and huggable 15" companion that’s always ready for naptime, playtime, and any time in between. Designed with delicate satin accents on teddy’s feet, ears, and decorative bow...

GUND Toothpick Teddy Bear (15")

GUND is proud to present our quirky and loveable Toothpick teddy bear. Each teddy measures 15” and features high-quality, huggably soft plush material. Surface-washable construction. Appropriate for ages one and up.

Gund Stitchie Bear (14")

Our 14" understuffed tan bear has a sweet personality that makes him impossible to resist. The world's most huggable since 1898. Surface washable.

Ikea KRAMIG Panda Bear (11.75")

Ikea KRAMIG Panda, Soft Toy, White, Black, 11.75 Inch, Stuffed Animla Plush Bear Recommended for all ages.

Best Teddy Bear Reviews - Top Stuffed Teddies for Kids in 2016

Yes, "cute" is the perfect description for children's plush teddy bears - and this year they are cuter than they have ever been. ...

The Snuggliest, Best Teddy Bears for Kids

Cuddly, plush, squeezable, soft. All the great words you should use to describe the best teddy bears for kids…

Best Stuffed Teddy Bears List - Top 5 Plush Bears for 2016

Which teddy bears have the most "awwwwww" factor, i.e., the most attention from parents, gift-buyers and teddy bear lovers in general? For this year, I have created quite a list of the best teddy bears for kids and collectors - here are five of the best for 2016...

Best Teddy Bears 2016

Always a classic - children will perhaps forever love the "snuggliness" and sweetness of teddy bears. And - some are more adorable and "snuggleable" than the rest. Here is a gathering of the best teddy bears for kids (and grownups) for 2016 - plus some other helpful tidbits...

Top 5 Teddy Bears for Kids 2016

Find this year's best (cutest and cuddliest) children's teddy bears...

Top 10 Teddy Bears

A teddy bear is practically a “must have” for just about any child — and many adults (ahem) are rather fond of them as well.

Best Teddy Bears 2016

Mashups of the top-selling and most highly rated teddy bears for kids – top picks, lists and reviews…

Cuddly crafts

Adorable stuffed-animal patterns to make a special gift for a special little someone.

Snuggly Teddy Bears for Cuddly Kids

In my opinion - the most lovable teddy bears are those that are super-plush and cuddly, perfect for snuggling during bedtime stories and slumbering with in the wee hours of the morning. These teddy bears are also ideal for kids, because - as luck would have it - youngsters are equally as huggable, adorable, and snuggly.

Teddy Bears Buying Guide

There will always be toys that people can count on to be there for every generation. The Yo-Yo, Slinky, and Mr. Potato Head, spring to mind, but none is more endearing or enduring than the teddy bear. Teddy bears are more than just toys.

How to make a teddy bear - Free Teddy Bear Sewing Pattern

Hi everyone, In this tutorial, you'll learn how to sew a teddy bear from beginning to end using a free pattern from The pattern is available as a huge thank you for signing up to my newsletter. If you've not already received your copy nip over there now and download it for FREE.


Hi! I came across a cute tutorial last week on how to make a sock teddy bear. He looked so fun and easy, I thought I'd give one a shot. I stitched one up while Tim and I were watching a movie Friday evening so I snapped a few pics along the way and thought I'd share.

Teddy Bear Collecting

Teddy bear collecting is a relatively new thing to do and only really took off as a hobby in the 1980's. Until then Teddy bears were for kids and were a plaything rather than anything of value.

How to Clean a Large Teddy Bear -

Find out the best way to wash your little one's favorite toy A treasured teddy bear brings a smile to your child's face in the morning and a comforting feeling when she's drifting off to sleep. She may not be able to sleep without it or play tea party without it by her side.

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