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Co słychać w piaskownicy Drupala #47

Pingdom API provides a set of functions to interact with the Pingdom API.

Drush User List provides a drush plugin to list users on a site. Usage: Download and place in your ~/.drush/ directory Run drush user-list to list all users on a site Optionally, use the --roles and --status options Credit to Manuel Garcia for the initial Drupal 6 implementation in

Google Places API autocomplete |

Provides a widget for Drupal text fields with autocomplete suggestions from the Google Places API. Also you can use the autocomplete path it defines for your own FAPI implementation. How to use the module 1. The module exposes a widget for text fields. 2. Set the Google Places Autocomplete widget for the text field you want.

Overview A small views plugin which allows site administrators to add loading overlays to their views. By default ajax-enabled views use the default Drupal throbber which is only visible next to the element that triggers the AJAX callback. This module tries to improve that behavior by adding an overlay to the content that is being updated.

Mobile Preview |

Mobile Preview gives content editors an easy way to preview their work on a mobile device while publishing content. The preview area is sized to match the pixel dimensions of an iPhone 6.

Alternative field handler for using geofields as data sources in maps. When a view contains Field API fields, their field handler will load the field's corresponding entities, which might not be desirable if the map contains many points.

fancyselect |

Fancy select is a jQuery plug-in developed by Octopus Creative. This module loads fancySelect jQuery plug-in, which converts simple HTML select DOM elements with a specified CSS class into a stylish select box. You may configure DOM CSS from settings form.

Taxonomy Autocomplete Permission |

Defines which roles can add new taxonomy terms when using the autocomplete widget.

Moderate mmenu provides an off-screen menu to moderate the current Node. By default only local tasks are added to the menu, but additional blocks can be assigned to the menu via the Blocks administration page. This module requires the jQuery.mmenu library to function.

Overview This module aims to clean up, enhance and facilitate the customisation of markup for Drupal views. Features Choose a wrapper for all rows or every row Add classes for rows and row wrappers Add attributes for rows and row wrappers Requirements Views Clean Markup

Module checks if the file uploaded already exist on the server or not. If it exist then throws error. This notify user to choose file directly from server rather than uploading it twice. Recommended modules to use along with this module:-

Fly Flower is born from the idea of gentle and uplifting designing. Built on Bootstrap theme base so Fly Flower theme should good work on all devices such as desktop, laptop, tablet, phablet and mobile. Fly Flower matching with website is the blog, corporate, organization or school. Here is the demo.

Adapted from Skeleton (, this project is meant to be a boilerplate, SASS-centric Drupal theme providing basic styling and a grid system.

Lightbox Login |

This is a direct port of the Fancy Login module to D8 I was unable to get the maintainer of the D7 Branch to review so am uploading it as a separate module.

Add Facebook Conversion Tracking and Optimization Pixels to your website. This module allows you to add Facebook Pixels to: Your entire site (global) An entire content type Individual nodes

This module enables to preview user account when creating or updating user account. We can change the preview button label and the title of the preview page. We can also hide the input form on preview page and the save button on input page.

This module extends the default node preview page. We can change the preview button label and the title of the preview page. We can also hide the input form on preview page and the save button on input page. The node preview page is used as the confirmation page to execute creating or updating node.

The Wrap Word module allows a user to create a text format that wraps a word (determined by position) in HTML tags. For example: This is a test. can become This is a test. by specifying a span tag to wrap the first word.