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Travel Tips to Sri Lanka - Top Guidelines for Travelling in Sri Lanka

As a popular tourist destination the island of Sri Lanka welcomes visitors from around the globe. From transport options to top hotels, here are some guidelines on exploring the Emerald Isle.



he island of Sri Lanka is served by its main international airport, known as the Bandaranaike International Airport. Located a mere 30km from the bustling capital Colombo the Bandaranaike International Airport is connected to the capital via an expressway as well. Upon arrival do not forget to fill out the disembarkation card and hand it to the necessary authorities. In spite of the number of flights arriving and departing from the airport visitors can expect a speedy processing time from arrival time to leaving the airport, if all travel documents are in order.


Clearing Customs

As a moderate scale airport clearing customs at the Bandaranaike International Airport is a relatively easy process due to the airport's size and the efficiency of the immigration officers. Travellers carrying goods that require declaration should do so upon arrival by filling in the customs form near the baggage belt. Once cleared visitors can proceed to the exit of the airport where porters will be available to assist one with the bags for a nominal fee. Airport taxis can also be booked from the airport for those who have not arranged for transportation upon arrival.


Weather Conditions

Tourists should note that the sunny conditions of the island means high heat and humidity levels prevail throughout most of the country. The hill station and areas in the central highlands however boast cooler climates while the heat in beach hubs down south and along the eastern coast are significantly less due to the sea breeze. Those visiting during the monsoon season can expect rainy weather conditions throughout the country while the coastal areas are deemed unsafe for swimming and diving activities during this period. The average temperature in the island is 24oC and visitors must stay well hydrated throughout their travels.


Transport Options

As a country that is well connected by road and railway lines finding affordable transport options in Sri Lanka is not difficult. Reliable bus services serve most of the island while chauffer driven vehicles are also available through a variety of car rentals. The Southern Expressway connects Colombo with the southern coastal hubs of the island cutting the average 3 hour journey to Galle to a mere hour. Tuk-Tuks or three wheelers as they are popularly known are also omnipresent across the island.


Staying Connected

Mobile technology and connectivity is provided by a variety of network operators that provides comprehensive coverage across the country. Five large networks offer services in the country at affordable rates. Mobile phones are also cheap in the island and nearly every citizen owns a mobile device of some sort. Call booths in major cities also offer IDD calls in addition to most hotels although the affordable IDD rates offered by mobile companies have made these facilities redundant in recent years. SIM cards are extremely cheap all around the island and visitors can purchase and set up a mobile account to use while on holiday in a matter of minutes.


Hotel Amenities

Home to some of the most coveted hotels in the region Sri Lanka's hospitality industry is on par with global standards. Well-recognized hotel chains as well as local chains dominate the holiday landscapes of Sri Lanka which also includes venues such as Saman Villas Bentota, one of the finest boutique hotels Sri Lanka has to offer. Typical hotel amenities include cable television with a minimum of 16 channels as well as Wi-Fi internet access.