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Top Five Things to See in Trincomalee – holiday along the eastern shores of Sri Lanka

Trincomalee on the east coast of Sri Lanka is a resort port city with a recorded history that going back two thousand years. As one of oldest cities in Asia it has served as a major seaport prominent in the trading history of the island.


Trincomalee Bay

Trincomalee Bay encircled by green wooded ridges is among the deepest, largest most picturesque natural harbors in the world. Ships entering through the five mile gap between Foul Point and Fort Frederick will find safe anchor here. Inside it are the Large Sober Island and Little Sober Island that are national parks, a series of inner bays and coves such as China Bay, Cod Bay, Dutch Bay, Koddiyar Bay, Tambalagam Bay, shell bay, yard cove, coral bay, dead man's cove, back bay, snug cove and secluded beaches, the most popular being Marble Beach near China Bay. Stay at centrally located Chaaya Blue Trincomalee among the best Trincomalee hotels to enjoy easy access to the city and its attractions.


Wild Life

Trincomalee Bay has been a whale watching destination since the 1980s. Blue and sperm whales are spotted quite close to shore. Additionally the vast waterway system of the Mahaweli River delta supports a huge range of birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals including elephants and leopards. December to April is the best time to be in Trincomalee as the weather is cool and it is the ideal period to view whales and terrestrial and avian wildlife.


Koneswaran Temple

With a recorded history going back to the 3rd century BCE, the temple on Swamy Rock overlooking Trincomalee is associated with Hindu legends and Shiva worship and attracts devotees from far and wide. The original ancient temple was demolished by the Portuguese in the mid 17th century and some of its artefacts retained by them. The ruins supposedly contain an emblem with two fish and an engraved prophecy about the future of the city.


Fort Frederick

Among the prominent historic sites here, is the fort which has a chequered history. Originally built by the Portuguese in the 17th century from material extracted from the Koneswaran temple, it was demolished and rebuilt by the Dutch also in the 17th century, was traded between the French and the Dutch in the 18th century until the British occupied it in the late 18th century and stayed there till 1948. The Sri Lanka Army occupies it now.


Pigeon Island National Park

This is one of two marine national parks in the country. Comprising of the large and small Pigeon islands the rocky island contains a coral reef 200 meters long and a hundred meters wide, one of the few remaining reefs around the country. 100 species of coral and 300 species of reef fish have been recorded here. Black tipped reef sharks and three species of endangered turtles add diversity to the marine life while rock pigeons have colonized the rock.