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Spa Treatments to Try While In Asia – a heavenly indulgence

With centuries of healing traditions behind them, Asian cities offer hundreds of spas that have varied treatment regimes to relax, boost circulation, ease aches and pains and give an overall sense of well being.


Steam Baths / Sauna

Spa treatments usually begin with a steam bath or a sauna session for clients to relax and open skin pores to release toxins through sweating. This also improves circulation.


Body Scrubs

Specially formulated products not only restore moisture and health to the skin through cleansing regimes but remove dead layers of skin and boost circulation.


Body Wraps

Designed to rid the body of toxins through sweating, body masks of essential oils, mud and herbs among others are combined with tight wrappings to encourage sweating leaving the skin soft and rejuvenated after this 20 minute treatment. Read the extraordinary luxury vacation clubs reviews by members of Anantara Vacation Club to learn how to amass points and upgrade to enjoy better experiences each time you stay at club or affiliated properties around the world.



Facials are among the most popular spa treatments and Asian spa menus feature a big choice. They range from treatments for acne to dry skin, anti aging and face brightening. An esthetician usually recommends the facial suitable for different skin types.



Clients soak in a relaxing warm water pool usually strewn with flower petals and move on to a bracing cold water pool finishing off with a light massage. This is said to tone the body, stimulate digestion, improve circulation and the immune system and relieve tension.


Foot Reflexology

This massage technique involves the application of pressure to reflex areas on the soles and palms believed to represent all parts of the body inside and out. It is said to promote good health besides being deeply relaxing.


Hot stones therapy

Offered in many Asian spas this is for clients with sore backs or fatigued muscles. Rocks heated under warm water and coated with essential oils are placed on pressure point on the body to ease tension. A therapist will remove cold rocks and replace them with warm ones throughout the treatment. The treatment ends with a light massage.


Shiatsu / Acupressure

A massage technique to improve the flow of energy (chi) through the body, it is a combination of pressure and assisted stretching techniques said to release tension, soothe sore muscles, improves circulation and assist in relaxation.


Thai Massage

This is an integral part of spa rituals particularly in Thailand. Administered over two hours it comprise of guided stretching and stimulating pressure points along the body using hands, thumbs, forearms, elbows, knees and feet resulting in restoring energy flow, increasing flexibility and easing tension.


Swedish Massage

This massage comprising of long and circular strokes using hands and palms, kneading the skin, tapping, bending and stretching is said to improve circulation, decrease muscle toxins, ease tension and improve flexibility.


Fish Pedicure

Some Asian spas offer this treatment involving tiny garra rufa fish nibbling away dry and dead skin of the feet leaving it soft. However this may not be for the squeamish or for those who are uncomfortable with fish nibbling at their feet.


Four handed Massage

Two therapists skillfully carry out a relaxing total body massage with essential oils without getting in each other's way.