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Updated by Mikhail Blacer on May 18, 2015
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A List of Office Design Articles and Samples You Need To Look At

Designing an office is tough work, but luckily, there are a ton of online resources dedicated to helping you create an impeccable, functional and aesthetically pleasing design guaranteed to please your employees. Here's a list of notable articles you should check out first:

10 Office Design Tips to Foster Creativity

Fostering creativity in an office setting is a must, especially since you need to squeeze out those brain juices from your employees. Bear in mind that creativity paves the way for employees to easily find solutions to daily work problems and obstacles. This is also a precursor to making collaborative projects a lot easier, and also allows employees to learn more from their coworkers.

Remember, creativity breeds knowledge, which in turn enhances productivity!

13 Hot Startups With Inspired Office Design

Tech startups are mainly run by millennials and younger minds. These people sway from the traditional "cubicle and desk" designs while introducing revolutionary designs which make the office space seem more like a geek playground than a formal office.

It is recommended to adopt design ideas from these firms, since these designs are what today's young working generation prefer.Bear in mind that you should always design FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES, incorporating the concepts and aesthetics they find attractive.

These startups wisely make use of community and relaxation areas, allowing employees to collaborate, bond and rest during breaks and meetings.

Office Design Blunders Employers Should Be Wary Of

Other than researching design concepts and adapting them, you also need to take a close look at the possible mistakes you might commit during the design phase. There are a ton of blunders you could commit, including reverting back to traditional designs which discourage personal interactions, along with not having areas wherein your employees can commune.

Take note of these mistakes, and be sure not to commit them or else you'll get an office that isn't conducive for working.

Designing a Better Office Space is one of the best information resources for entrepreneurs, managers and leaders. The above article came from the said website, and explains the various facets of office design according to the nature and work of the company residing in it.

It also explains why traditional office designs are fading fast and how certain firms are trying to attract younger employees through new and revolutionary office design.

The Top 25 Most Popular Offices of 2013 - Office Snapshots

Note that this is a compilation of pictures depicting popular offices from around the world. From large tech companies to sports associations, looking at the pictures is one way to help you visualize what you want to see in your office in the future. You will be surprised at how simple - yet seemingly extravagant - most of these designs are, so be sure to check them out!

Technology "Integral" to New Office Design

Due to the rise of technology and powerful computers in the recent decades, offices have adapted to hosting large, dual-screened computers from typewriters and mountains of paperwork.

The digital age has certainly paved the way for offices to become less crowded, considering that most of the office data can be saved in a single CPU or a flash disk. That being said, this article explains how integral technology is in office design, and why it influences today's trends.


Let the Pros Do It

If you can't swallow the pieces of information dished out by the articles, you can always hire a professional design and shopfitting company to do the job for you.