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Updated by Antivia Software on Oct 02, 2015
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Top 13 Big Data and Business Intelligence articles

Anaitiva's weekly roundup of the best Big Data and Business Intelligence articles from the past week.

The 'Internet Of Me' Is Getting Real In Healthcare

(Click image for larger view and slideshow.) Automobiles and computers may be complicated machines, but they pale in comparison to the human body. The challenge of working in an industry committed to that complexity brought Adriana (Andi) Karaboutis from Dell, where she served as CIO, to join Biogen as executive VP of technology.

Data Lakes, Data Warehouses or both?

I am starting to see more and more people writing that data lakes are "replacing data warehouses". Unfortunately, in my opinion, this is another example of technology hype getting in the way of effective use of data in organizations.

Beyond the Buzzword: Big Data

Welcome back, buzzword barons! We've reached the third installment on my series about buzzwords and the real, important trends behind them. In this edition, we're going to tackle a buzzword with an incredible amount of misunderstanding swirling around it: Big data.

How to dynamically change chart colors

Being able to dynamically change the color of charts in an interactive dashboard is a very powerful feature. In DecisionPoint™ you can add color hints to charts, which will then highlight how you're performing in relation to specific KPIs. Technically it means that the color of the chart changes based on different series' values, either dimensional or numeric.

Hadoop demand falls as other big data tech rises

Hadoop makes all the big data noise. Too bad it's not also getting the big data deployments. Indeed, though Hadoop has often served as shorthand for big data, this increasingly seems like a mistake. According to a new Gartner report, "despite continuing enthusiasm for the big data phenomenon, demand for Hadoop specifically is not accelerating."

Data Lake or Data Warehouse or Both?

This article was originally published on the Antivia blog I am starting to see more and more people writing that data lakes are "replacing data warehouses".Unfortunately, IMO, this is another example of technology hype getting in the way of effective use of data in organizations.One person you can reliably turn to in order to get straightforward advice on topics like this is my old colleague, Bill Schmarzo.

Getting Responsible with Big Data

No organization is immune from distrust when big data is involved. Data collection has been a long-time practice. The more data collected, the more conclusions can be drawn. While this is advantageous to the ones doing the collecting, it can put those the data covers at a disadvantage.

Looming Gloom and Doom for Big Data

If you listen to some people, it seems as though the four signs of the apocalypse are famine, war, death, and big data. There's a whole lotta gloom and doom swirling out there about big data, so much so that it sounds like you'd better slip on your biohazard suit [...]

Is big data the gold dust of medical aid?

By Anita Makri The idea that big data from mobile phones could have helped predict how Ebola spreads and so saved lives in West Africa, if only telecom companies had released it, seemed both powerful and out of sync at a gathering of Médicins Sans Frontières (MSF) staff last week.

Will Big Data Determine Our Next President?

As the 2016 U.S. presidential election nears, it's becoming increasingly clear that the profound effects of data on marketing to consumers are hardly limited to business and industry. Ever since President Obama's data-driven re-election campaign swept him back into office (and made a celebrity of data cruncher Nate Silver in [...]

Were the UK Election Polls Marred by Poor Quality Data?

The UK's general election took place last week, on Thursday 7 May, 2015. It was an election that had been hyped for being 'too close to call'. According to the polls, the government was likely to be a coalition of one or more, with no party achieving a majority.

How Weather Forecasting Can Democratize Big Data

When you consider it, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is actually an ideal federal participant in Big Data research. The Administration reportedly aggregates more than 20 terabytes per day through its satellite systems alone, and its supercomputer used to develop climate and weather models similarly provides massive doves of information.

Cloudy with a Chance of Big Data

By Lauren Zanolli 14 May 2015 How Spire's CubeSat Network Will Work: The low-orbiting satellites receive signals from GPS satellites to pull data profiles of temperature, pressure and humidity. The satellite network generates 10,000 weather readings daily and collects five times as much data as publicly funded satellites.