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Updated by Erika Viktor on Jun 16, 2015
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Erika Viktor writes weird, funny and dark stories which have been featured in multiple magazines. She is represented by Alison McDonald at TRF Literary Agency.

Ten Reasons You Should Keep a Journal -

The Things We Are Talking About Today: Journals Behold! My collection of journals. These aren't my journals, or even journals of people I am related to. They are Debbie, Frank and Sallie's journals. Debbie was 19 in 1965, Frank was in his 20's in 1945 and whoever wrote the blue one had a really ...

What Popular Toy Brands Teach Us About -

The other day I watched two full hours of My Little Pony. I am not ashamed. I repeat, I am not ashamed. If you write for kids or teens and you are no longer a kid or teen, do you make it a habit to watch what they watch?

Not Getting Anything Done? Take Away the Deadline! -

The Deadline. This object stands anywhere from one hundred feet to one thousand feet tall. Its shadow casts long and far. And it smells like mildew basements and scented Glad garbage bags. I asked a few children to draw what they thought a deadline looked like. Here's what they came up with: As ...

Interview with CORGI CHRONICLES author, Laura Madsen -

Where else would I meet a fabulous pet prognosticator other than the dog park? Since I have no dogs, I brought a bunch of hot dogs, which seem to be causing a problem with all the other guests. After climbing a tree to safety, I give up the goods.

New Cover Sketch -

I have been working hard on a short story for the past several weeks. It is not due out until some time in late July but I thought I would share my cover sketches with you. I have been thinking a lot about how we are always talking about humans destroying nature by polluting the ...

Five True Cases of Kids Getting Their Faces STUCK THAT WAY! -

Two months ago, when I was a kid (I growed up really fast) my mother used to say: "Don't make that face in the mirror or it will get stuck that way!" Your mother probably didn't say that to you because now days they say: "Don't make that face in the mirror or I will ...

Contributer Copies for My Article in FACES Magazine -

There is nothing more exciting than getting things in the mail. I remember when I was a kid I spent a great deal of time cutting Kenner points out and sending away for the Pet Club Pals. Cereal boxes also used to have mail always and they were such great fun!

Top Five Must-Reads Children's Books of 2014 -

Getting all gushy this snowy Monday morning because this post is about my top five favorite children's book of 2014. "What?" you cry in the dark. "Wasn't 2014 soooo five days ago?" Ahem, stop being a trender, okay? Truth is, I read far more non-fiction boring-titled novels in 2014.

Four Short Poems that will Change Your Life -

What happened to a little thing called poetry? Once upon a time, poetry was at the height of fashion. Men and women of class used it to impress each other with wit, to create mnemonic phrases from which to live by and others read volumes and volumes of the stuff to help describe the ...

The Erika Viktor Gang Archives -

The Erika Viktor Gang This is a post about construction and being weird. While I was writing this post I had to think about SEO. In case you are wondering, SEO stands for Soup Eating Orangutans. You really have to think about them a lot if you are going to write blog posts.