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Travel Guide: 10 Most Important Things You Need For An Alaska Cruise

Summer is fast approaching and most people are planning for a beach vacation. On the other hand, others are planning to spend summer on a cruise travel wherein the top destinations are Bahamas, Hawaii, Caribbean and Alaska. People opt for Alaska not only because of the weather, but as well as its wilderness, activities, rich culture and abundant wildlife. Given this, you should ensure that you pack the right things, so here are the top ten most important things you need for an Alaska cruise.

Baggage on Cruise Tours | USA Today

First, you have to pack your carry-on baggage wisely. You should pack the essentials and don’t bring too much gadgets. While doing so, you have to take consideration of the policies of the cruise lines that you are going to board into. You should strictly follow the baggage rules and make sure to check the cruise line’s website to ensure that you will not violate any rules.

What Clothing Should I Bring on an Alaskan Cruise? | ZA Central

In packing your clothes, you have to carefully think of what you will bring. You have to consider the weather as well as the activities that you will be doing there. Functional clothes such as pants, jackets and shirts (long sleeves) should be included in the luggage. You can also bring formal wear for parties within the cruise ship.

What to Wear in Alaska in the Summer | Discoverak

Since you’re planning to go to Alaska in the summer season, you have to contemplate on what you are going to wear especially when you’re on tour outside your cruise lines. Choose comfort over style. Make a checklist of what clothes you need to wear in each activity that’s in store for you.

Footwear For Hiking And Backpacking | Expeditions Alaska

Footwear is necessary when you are travelling or cruising to Alaska. Hiking boots is a must especially when you are out for adventures along with your cruise. In exploring the wonders of Alaska, you have to be equipped with proper footwear to ensure safety as well as comfort.

Avoiding Motion Sickness In Alaska | Alaska

When travelling to Alaska, you will have to bring motion sickness medicine to avoid getting sea sick. You don’t want to spend your cruise or trip on green in the gills or, worse yet, leaning over a railing. It is the time for you to enjoy and here are the collection of tips you can follow to avoid getting sea sick.

Sun Protection on a Cruise to Alaska Is Essential | Kinesys

It doesn’t mean that Alaska has cold weather, you don’t have to bring sunscreen with you. Remember, it’s summer and even if you are in this place, it doesn’t mean that you are any safer from the Sun’s harmful UV rays than you would be in a sunny area.

Insect Repellent | Alaska Trekker

It is important to bring insect repellent, especially that Alaska’s State bird is mosquito. On most cruises, even in Alaska, you spend a lot of time outdoors which is why you should protect yourself from possible harm that can be brought by insect bites. You must know how to deal with them during your encounter.

Pre-Cruise Immigration Information | Alaska Cruises

Don’t forget to pack and bring the basics with you especially all necessary documents such as passports. Take your ID’s with you as well. Also, remember to acquire any necessary visas and immunizations necessary for your cruising region and carry them with you, too. Without these documents, all your preparations will just go into waste.

Handy Travel Gadgets For Your Next Trip | All Things Cruise

Of course, you want to seize the moment and capture as many photos of your experience. So, you can bring along handy travel gadgets to achieve it. Just make sure not to bring too much and leave other unnecessary gadgets at home. You don’t need it that much on your trip.

Alaska Shore Excursions | Shore Excursions Group

There’s more to Alaska than what you have already known. To explore the wonders and marvel of this state, make sure to book for cheap shore excursions. Given this, you could have more access and tours to other cities as well visit most famous landmarks. You will be able to see the magnificent treasure of Alaska.

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