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Headline for AB KE BAAR MODI SARKAR! - Top 10 Policies of Narendra Modi Government In One Year
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AB KE BAAR MODI SARKAR! - Top 10 Policies of Narendra Modi Government In One Year

The most anticipated government of Narendra Modi has passed one successful year in world's largest democracy, India. He got in to power through various promises for the public. Has he fulfilled all? You have to answer for that question. Here are the top policies which he has initiated in this one year of power.

Make In India

A major new national program designed to transform India into a global manufacturing hub.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

This campaign was officially launched on 2 October 2014 at Rajghat, New Delhi, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself cleaned the road. It is India's biggest ever cleanliness drive and 3 million government employees and school and college students of India participated in this event.[4][5] The mission was started by Prime Minister Modi, who nominated nine famous personalities for the campaign, and they took up the challenge and nominated nine more people and so on (like the branching of a tree). It has been carried forward since then with people from all walks of life joining it.

Boosting Financial Inclusion through Jan Dhan Yojana

Historic Initiative to make a holistic difference in people’s live through availability of banking services

Taking People’s Participation to the Next Level

Gone are the days when a select group of people inside closed doors could influence decision making of the governments. On completion of the second month of government, the Government launched a path breaking initiative called ‘MyGov’.

MyGov is an innovative & unique portal which helps citizens partner the government in various ways. It acts as a hub where citizens can collaborate & give ideas & suggestions to the government on various topics. For the first time citizens can share their views on multiple topics with the government which can be then processed & used by the government.

Propelling India into the Digital Age

The PM Shri Narendra Modi has a grand vision for a Digital India which includes Digital Highways, easy sharing of Knowledge, Innovation & Transparent Governance.

The Government has approved & is actively working towards Digital India to transform India into digital empowered society and knowledge economy. Digital India is transformational in nature and would ensure that Government services are available to citizens electronically. It would also bring in public accountability through mandated delivery of government’s services electronically, a Unique ID and e-Pramaan based on authentic and standard based interoperable and integrated government applications and data basis.

Pro Poor, Pro Business & Pro Growth Financial Maneuvers

The Budget for 2014-15 as well as other financial decisions taken by the Government have been very inclusive, progressive while keeping interests of every section in mind.

The Budget stuck a good chord finely balancing priorities for a developing & aspirational society. The Budget has provisions for start-ups, smart cities, bullet trains. It also has various pro business measures which include Govt’s commitment to not use retrospective tax. The Budget also aims at providing housing for the poor. At the same time the Government is committed to keeping the fiscal deficit in check with a cap on wasteful expenditure.

Abolishing Redundant Structures

‘Minimum Government, Maximum Governance’ was the mantra given by Shri Narendra Modi. The changes made in the NDA Government are true to this belief in Minimum Government & Maximum Governance.

One of the initial decisions of the new government was to abolish all the existing nine Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoMs) and twenty-one Groups of Ministers (GoMs). This would not only expedite the process of decision making but also usher in greater accountability in the system. The Ministries and Departments will now process the issues pending before the EGoMs and GoMs and take appropriate decisions at the level of Ministries and Departments itself.

Red Carpet, Not Red Tape

Bureaucratic deadlocks, an inefficient decision-making process and a quagmire of approvals required to set up a business or industry of any kind led to a decrease in the confidence of the investor.
In such an atmosphere, the emergence of Narendra Modi’s business-friendly approach has proved to be a big boost to the economy. Narendra Modi’s vision of engaging private players for public welfare is ground breaking. Narendra Modi explored new horizons and welcomed investors while eliminating the scope for corruption as well as unnecessary deadlocks. The episode with Tata Nano has made its place in history books, where Narendra Modi in an unprecented move invited the Tata Group, which was struggling to set up their operations in West Bengal, to shift their plant to Gujarat with just one SMS. After which he made sure all permissions and approvals were granted in record time.

Quicker & Pragmatic Decision Making for Environmental Clearances

The NDA government is a clear break from the past when it comes to decision making. The decisions are clearly guided by the policy framework, hence eliminating arbitrariness & at the time the decisions are swift without unnecessary delays. An important aspect of the decision making has been it’s remarkable transparency hence nullifying the arbitrary or irrational clearances, which will go a long way in conserving nature.

Online submission of Environment clearances has been introduced in order to introduce transparency, accountability and predictability in the process of Environment Clearances. Online filing and monitoring has also been introduced in the process of Forest Clearances.

Development Through PPPP Model

Narendra Modi’s style of functioning and public-oriented governance is based on reviving people’s lost pride and diverting the emerging latent energy on that account towards development and human endeavours.
As a part of empowering people and pro active and pro people governance, in Gujarat, the administration goes to people, may it be for enrollment of girl students, distribution of tools and kits to skilled workers or for total health checkup of children in schools.

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