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Quitting Smoking Leads To A Better Life

Smoking is bad for the health. That’s not news. Time and time again people are reminded how bad this habit is for our health. But how exactly does quitting smoke can lead to a better life? Here are some of the myriad ways how quitting smoking can lead to a healthier and happier life.

Improves Blood Circulation

The chemicals that are present in tobacco can bring harm to your blood cells. Not only that, it also damage the heart and the blood vessels. This simply means that when a person is a smoker his blood doesn't circulate well. This limits the flow of blood which carries oxygen to the different parts and organs of the body.

A person who stopped smoking for within two to twelve weeks may notice his circulation improve. He has more energy to perform well especially in physical activity like running or walking and weight lifting. Also, because there is an improvement in the blood circulations, the oxygen is carried properly to the entire body which will make a person less tired and less stress out.

Make The Skin Look Younger

It is not easy to quit smoking but when a person does, it can bring numerous benefits not only in health but it can also make a person attractive. People who smoke frequently are more likely to have sagging, wrinkled and sallow skin. It can negatively affect the buildup of collagen which plays a crucial role in protecting our skin from premature aging. When you stopped smoking, your complexion will be brighter and radiant because collagen is developing properly and since it can improve blood circulation, you can get more nutrients needed by your skin than before you quit smoking

Improves Fertility

If you are a woman who is trying to get pregnant or a man you tries to get your wife pregnant, you have to stop smoking now. There are many studies showing how smoking can have some negative effects on the fertility of both men and women. Smoking can lead to lower eggs produced for women and lower sperm count for men. Smoke can produce low levels of estrogen which affects fertility and egg development. In men, smoking can affect sperm motility which may lead to less egg fertilization.

Non-smoker women have better chances to get pregnant and non-smoker men are more likely to get a woman pregnant. Additionally, when a woman quit smoking it can improve the lining of the womb which prevents miscarriages. For men, when you quit smoking, you sperm get more potent for better chances of fertilization.

Regaining your senses of taste and smell

When a person starts to smoke, one of the most common changes that a person might experience is the degradation of his sense of taste and smell. Smokers will likely to have a dull sense of taste and smell and that; it is hard for them to appreciate the taste and aroma of food. This may result to decrease in appetite. Once a person quit smoking, this is also the first changes that he might experience. He will feel an improve sense of taste and smell. In a few days after a person quit smoking, he will re-familiarize himself with this two senses and he will rediscover how wonderful it is to have a better sense of taste and smell.

Improve Sexual Life

Smoking can decrease a man sexual performance. A survey has shown that non-smokers are 3 times more appealing to prospective partners. Also, a lot of people prefer to be with a non-smoker because basically their breath smells fresher and they look more pleasant. Also when you quit smoking, your sensitivity increases which can lead to stronger erections to men and better orgasms for women. And even in young men who have active sexual activity, many of them also believe that their sexual performance gets better since they quit smoking.

Quitting smoking can definitely improve life in a lot of ways. It is not too late for you to quit smoking. If you think it is too difficult to for you to stop, find the most effective method to quit. Trying and when you fail, try again. What matters is that you don’t give up.