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Cool Mobile Games

Have a look at out great app portfolio. Enjoy the best quiz apps for iOS and Android.

Deutsches Quiz Spiel zu Fifty Shades of Grey - Trivia app über die Buch Serie und den Kino Film für Frauen

Der Hype um Fifty Shades Grey ist gigantisch! Mehr als 100 Millionen Bücher wurden bislang verkauft und der Film stürmte alle Charts. Diese Quiz App für iPhone und iPad ist für alle 50 Shades of Grey-Fans da draußen, welche die stürmische Liebesgeschichte zwischen Christian und Ana fesselt. Das Spiel bietet hunderte von Fragen über die 50 Shades of Grey-Serie in deutscher Sprache.

Du weißt...
... wann Christian und Ana sich das erste Mal geküsst haben?
... welches Auto Christian Ana als erstes geschenkt hat?
... was in der Buch-Trilogie mit "Tango" zu tun hat?
... was Christian auf Anas Abschlussfeier getragen hat, was ihre Aufmerksamkeit erregt hat?
... welche Schauspieler im Kinofilm mitspielen?

Diese und viele weitere Fragen und interessante Fakten erwarten euch in dieser spannenden 50 Shades of Grey Quiz App. Wir wünschen viel Spaß!

ACHTUNG: Dieses Quiz beinhaltet Fragen zu allen drei Büchern. Solltet ihr nicht alle Bücher gelesen haben, wird euch der ein oder andere Fakt möglicherweise gespoilert.

Quiz Game for Fifty Shades of Grey - Trivia app about the book series and the movie for women

The hype for Fifty Shades of Grey is gigantic. More than 100 million copies have been sold so far and the long awaited movie has just been released. This quiz app is for all of you 50 Shade fans out there who love the story of Christian and Ana. This quiz features hundreds of questions about the 50 Shades of Grey series.

You know…
... when Christian and Ana kissed for the first time?
… which car Christian first gifted Ana?
… what in the trilogy is related to "tango"?
… what Christian wore at Ana's graduation ceremony that catched her eye?
… the actors of the movie?

Check out these and many more questions and interesting facts in our 50 Shades of Grey Quiz App. Enjoy and play it for free!

WARNING: The quiz is about all books. Be aware that there might be spoilers if you haven’t read the whole series.

Quiz for Fast & Furious - Cool trivia game app about the action movies

You are a big fan of the Fast & Furious series? We ware too! This quiz game is about all films of the series. Are you a true fan? Can you answer all questions about the story and the countless film facts of the famous series? Take a look at some of our questions:

Who plays Dominic's little sister in the Fast and Furious films?

  • Michelle Rodriguez
  • Jordanna Brewster
  • Janet Jackson
  • Natalie Portman

Fast and Furious: A robbery takes place in the introductory scene of the movie. What is being stolen?

  • Absurdly expensive art
  • Cars
  • Gas
  • Nitrous Oxide

Fast 5: Who wins (?) the street race?

  • Dom
  • Brian
  • Han
  • Roman

Enjoy hundreds of questions. Have fun!

Quiz Game for the Jurassic Park Movies - Including Questions about Jurassic World and general knodwledge facts about ...

You are a true dinosaur expert and a fan of the Jurassic Park movies? Great, then take a look at our new quiz game. We included questions about all movies of the Jurassic Park series, including the newest part Jurassic World. Enjoy countless interesting facts and show your detailed knowledge about the stories and twists of the films. Furthermore we included lots of questions about dinosaurs in generell. Here are some examples:

In "Jurassic Park 3", there's a fight between which two large dinosaurs?

  • Spinosaurus and Suchomimus
  • T-Rex and Spinosaurus
  • T-Rex and Baryonyx
  • Ceratosaurus and Triceratops

Jurassic World: The music in the trailer is a rendition of 'John Williams' original theme, done by Michael Giacchino.

  • True
  • False

Jurassic Park: I went to the bathroom but the t-rex found me and I was the one who got flushed! Who am I?

  • Cameron Thor
  • B.D. Wong
  • Martin Ferrero
  • Bob Peck
General Education Quiz - Trivia about History, Sports, Animals, Computers, Film & more

Our General Education Quiz Game is perfect for all trivia fans who like to combine fun and learning. Answer multiple choice questions in three difficulty settings. The General Education Quiz features over 1.000 questions from 8 different categories. Our game displays your top scores in each category. Each quiz round consists of 10 questions. Get a score bonus when you answer the questions more quickly or when you master a harder difficulty.

Master over 1000 questions out of one of the following categories:

  • History
  • Sports
  • General
  • Plants & Animals
  • Information Technology
  • Funny
  • Computer
  • Film

Share your scores on Facebook and Twitter and challenge your friends. Have a lot of fun!

Quiz Game App for The Walking Dead - Free trivia about the zombie horror series: All seasons & the best episodes

You are a fan of The Walking Dead? You watched all episodes and know Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Carl, Andrea & Maggie better than your family? You were shocked by all the surprises and thrilling moments the series showed? Great! You might be a fan as big as we are or even bigger. Our Quiz Game App is a trivia game about The Walking Dead from fans for fans. It's a classical multiple choice quiz. In each round you have to answer ten questions. The faster you are the better your score. Here are some examples what you can expect:

In "Chupacabra", what caused Daryl's horse to throw him?

  • Daryl yelled at it
  • A snake slithered into its path
  • A flock of birds burst from a nearby bush
  • It saw a Walker

S1: When Rick used a horse and continued his way to Atlanta found himself trapped with walkers. What or where was his safe place?

  • Army tank
  • Security car
  • Coffee shop
  • Gasoline truck

S3: One of the prisoners asked Rick: "How many are you in there?" What did Rick reply?

  • "Too many for you to handle."
  • "No time talking about that."
  • "It doesn't matter! What matters is I have a gun pointed at your face!"
  • "Asked who?"

Enjoy the game!

SPOILER-WARNING: The app features the first questions about the first four tv seasons. If you haven't watched all episodes it might be possible that you will get spoiled every now and then.

Guess the Animal Quiz - Free & Funny Word Puzzle Trivia Pics Science Spirit Zoo Game for Kids

You love quiz games and animals? Then show your skills in "Guess the Animal". The rules are simple: Look at a photo of an animal and try to guess it. The game features more than 300 hundred animals and beautiful photos.

Features of Guess the Animal:

  • 300+ animals and photos
  • Easy user interface
  • Simple quiz game for all ages
  • Addictive gameplay

How good do you know animals? It's time to show it! :)

Quiz App for James Bond 007 - Agent Trivia Game about the Movies, the Girls, the Music & the cars

This Quiz App is about the phenomenon James Bond 007. The British secret agent created by Ian Flemming in 1953 has starred in 25 movies and the 26th film - Spectre - is around the corner. Famous actors like Sean Connery, Roger Moore, George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig have played 007. In this quiz app you can show how well you know James Bond. This game features hundreds of questions around all movies, the Bond girls, the famous music and the Bond cars.

General Education Quiz - Puzzle Trivia about History, Sports, Animals, Computers, Movies & more

Our General Education Quiz Game is perfect for all trivia fans who like to combine fun and learning. Answer more than 300 photo questions in three difficulty settings. Place the letters of the correct answer under the photo. Get coins for correct answers and use jokers if you need help.

Master over 300 questions out of one of the following categories:

  • History
  • Sports
  • General
  • Plants & Animals
  • Information Technology
  • Funny
  • Computer
  • Film

Share your times on Facebook or ask your friends for help. Use your own photos and challenge your friends.

We wish you lots of fun!

The great Movie Quiz 2015 - Furious star trivia game app with 1000 fantastic Hollywood film & movie quotes

You love movies as much as we do? You love to go to the cinema? You are a fan of chilling evenings in front of the TV? You know all films of Netflix? Your BluRay collection is bigger than the shoe collection of your girl friend? Then the chances are good that you will master our great Movie Quiz game!

In this quiz you will be asked ten questions each round. Each questions is a famous line or dialogue from a movie. Choose the right film from the given answers. The faster you are the higher your score at the end of each round. Here are some examples:

"He has a knife." "That's not a knife. THAT'S a knife."

  • Crocodile Dundee
  • Mack the Knife
  • The Lords of Flatbush
  • Crime Story

"Open the pod bay doors, HAL." "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that."

  • Apollo 13
  • Lost in Space
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Blade Runner

"William Wallace is seven feet tall." "Yes, I've heard. Kills men by the hundreds."

  • Braveheart
  • Henry VIII
  • How Green was My Valley
  • Rob Roy

Do you know the answers? Hundreds of quotes await you! Enjoy!

Quiz for Game of Thrones - Free Fantasy Trivia Games App about the TV Series, the Empire & the Adventure

You are a fan of Game of Thrones? You know the books by George R. R. Martin? You know Westeros better than your own home? Then join us on our journey to the seven kingdoms. Our Trivia Quiz App for Game of Thrones is a classical multiple choice quiz. Each round you have to answer ten questions. The faster you are the better your score. Wanna know what you are up to? Here are some questions of our game:

Season 1: Daenerys Targaryen is supposed to wed the leader of a tribe of Nomads. Can you name the leader of the Nomads?

  • Tywin Lannister
  • Jory Cassel
  • Tyrion Lannister
  • Khal Drogo

What is the Lannister family's sigil?

  • Fish
  • Lion
  • Kraken
  • Dragon

Season 2: For which of these men did Arya serve as Cup Bearer at Harrenhal?

  • Tywin Lannister
  • Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger)
  • Joffrey Baratheon
  • Theon Greyjoy

You know the answers? Great! Enjoy our game and have lots of fun!

SPOILER-WARNING: Our game is about the seasons 1-4. If you haven't seen all seasons, it might be possible that some questions will spoil little parts of the story to you.

Yummy World of Food - Quiz Game: Questions & answers about recipes, cooking and baking

You like to cook? It is one of your hobbies to create a delicious cake? Or you simply enjoy to eat? Wonderful! Then dive with us into the Yummy World of Food and discover countless interesting facts. The Yummy World of Food is a fascinating multiple choice food quiz with hundreds of questions about recipes, cooking and baking.

The quiz features two categories:
Cooking and Baking
Food Facts

Choose from three difficulty settings depending if you are master chef cook or if you are a beginner. In each round you will be asked ten questions. Do you know where the hamburger got it’s name from? Where is lebkuchen a traditional Christmas cookie? Or do you know where the Spaghetti came from? How has the tea bag been discovered? How many hamburgers does McDonald’s sell each minute? And what does not belong into a strawberry cake? Do you know what happens to red wine when they age?

You know one or more of the answers? Take a look at our quiz and have a great time!

Superhero Quiz - Fantastic trivia game app about famous comic books, movies and films from 2015 & before

You are a fan of the Marvel and DC comic heroes? You love Iron Man, Superman, Batman and alle the other famous heroes as much as we do? You know the special weapons and abilities of Thor, Spider-Man, Hulk and the X-Men? Great! Then the chances are good that you might like our great new Comic Quiz. Expect hundreds of questions about the most famous characters and movies of the Marvel and DC comics. Here are some examples:

Which person never played a villain in the "Batman" movies?

  • Jim Carrey
  • Adam West
  • Jack Nicholson
  • Tommy Lee Jones

The Avengers 2 - Age of Ultron: Thanos was considered to be the next villain, but Whedon decided against him in favor of Ultron.

  • True
  • False

'I'm six foot seven, and bright green, people are going to stare at me no matter how I dress.' Who am I?

  • Kree
  • Hulk
  • She-Hulk
  • Skrull
Activity Quiz Game - Quiz up and enjoy a funny trivia app with 4 pics combined to 1 solution

This new quiz app is all about activities. We will show you four pictures and you have to guess which activity is searched. For example: You see our app icon? You can see four persons - and what are they doing? Right! Laughing! That's the way the quiz works! Just look at the pictures, think what's in common and tap the letters at the bottom of the screen to type the solution.

This Activity Quiz is a really funny trivia app. See the obvious or think outside the box. Have fun with more than 200 riddles. And if you are stuck just use a joker to remove letters or to put a letter to the correct position. Or ask a friend via Facebook to help you. Enjoy!

VIP Puzzle Quiz - Guess the best musician talent & most prominent star celebrity

You are a fan of quiz games and like word games? You like listening to music, watching TV and good movies? Then our big VIP Quiz might be THE game for you. We collected photos from more than 400 stars from around the world. We bet you know a lot of the stars. Just tap at the letters at the bottom of the screen to write the name of the star. What differs our game from other quiz games: You need to puzzle the photo pieces to the right places. If you know a star at first sight you can guess the name without puzzling.

Another big feature of our app is: You can challenge your friends with your own photos. Just tap on the "Challenge a friend"-button in the main menu of the game, choose a photo of your camera roll, write the solution and choose a Facebook friend and let him guess. A great fun which keeps you guessing even when you are done with the game.

Features of VIP Quiz:

  • 400+ photo puzzles
  • Easy gameplay
  • Challenge your friends with your own photos
  • Use Jokers to place letters or remove unused letters
  • Different difficulty settings
Punch the Wall - Play a true endless wild animal jungle adventure runner game

Punch the Wall features dead easy and addictive gameplay that reminds of AppStore classics like Flappy Bird and Swing Copters.

The controls are simple:

  • Tap to punch

Timing is everything! Can you set a new highscore?

Punch the Wall features five playable characters:

  • Lion
  • Eagle
  • Elephant
  • Pig
  • Snail

Unlock the characters at 5, 10, 20 and 30 points. Sounds easy? Than grab the free drownload and show your skills!

90 Seconds Quiz Game: Think clever, combine logically, react fast

In The 90 Second Quiz Game you have to think clever, combine logically and react fast. Proof your skills and your knowledge in 90 seconds. This game is all about speed. You have one and a half minute to find the elephant, to solve math tasks or to determine the lifetime of famous personalities. Which of the shown images is not a sport, which is the largest animal and what is hot and what is cold. Sort the cities according to its size, the scientists alphabetically by their name and the companies to its products. Look at the pictures and decide quickly - because the clock is ticking relentlessly.

The tasks in the 90 Seconds Quiz are diverse and varied, fun is guaranteed! The 90 Seconds Quiz challenges your brain and your comprehension. Train your logical thinking and decision making. Have fun and take a look at our other apps!

History Quiz Game: Match and guess famous persons & historical events

Educate yourself while playing a game! Prove and update your knowledge of history with this entertaining History Quiz! Do you know when the bronze age has begun? With whom was Cleopatra in a romance? What do you know about Stonehenge and what is Chales Darwin famous for? When lived Indira Ghandi and who was Johannes Kepler? When was the steam engine invented and when did humanity discover the gene technology? Our great History Quiz all is about famous inventions, historical events and important personalities.

Our History Quiz offers four different game modes:

  • Match historical events
  • Guess the famous person
  • When did they live?
  • The full package with questions from every category

This game features over 500 questions and legendary personalities from various fields. Have fun while you play, learn and discover!

2 Pics Photo Puzzle - Jigsaws & Riddles: Play a general funny image letters word quiz

You love picture puzzle games? You like word plays? And you are a fan of games where your brain gets some challenges? Then this remake of the classic "two images, one word" game concept might be perfect for you. As usual, you get two images. Connect the (english) words behind the images and find the solution!

Sun + Flower = Sunflower
Pepper Shaker + Mint Leaf = Peppermint

Countless beautiful wordplays guarantee lots of puzzling fun!

Errate das Tier - Das lustige Bilder Zoo Quiz Spiel auf Deutsch für Kinder und Erwachsene

Ihr mögt Quiz-Spiele und Tiere? Dann zeigt eure Fähigkeiten im lustigen Tierquiz. Die Regeln sind einfach: Puzzelt das angezeigte Foto richtig zusammen und versucht das Tier zu erraten. Das Spiel bietet mehr als 250 Tiere und schöne Fotos.

Features vom Tierquiz:

  • Mehr als 250 Tiere und Fotos
  • Einfache Benutzeroberfläche
  • Quizspiel für alle Altersgruppen
  • Bewährtes Gameplay
Soccer Quiz Cup 2014: Become the football guessing World Champion

In “World Soccer Quiz Cup 2014" you can show your knowledge about the soccer cup in Brazil and the international soccer. Experience in hundreds of questions a fascinating background of the competition in Brazil, assigns players and coaches to the correct teams and enjoy yourselves on iconic sayings of coaches, players and commentators. Enjoy the best football jokes and take a look back at legendary soccer moments of past tournaments. When were the first tournaments and who won them in which country? Guess the most famous football players only by seeing a part of their faces and learn who was probably the oldest championship coach of all time.

World Soccer Quiz Cup 2014: The Championships, Brazil & legendary Players features...
… hundreds of questions
… facts & figures
… legendary quotes from coaches, players and commentators
… the category: Guess the player!
… soccer jokes

Dinosaur Quiz: Learn, find and guess dino game

You want to test and improve your dinosaur knowledge? Then take a look at our great dinosaur quiz! In three game modes you can demonstrate, polish and learn completly new things about dinosaurs: "Guess the Dinosaur," "All about Dinosaurs" and "Dino all inclusive".

Guess the Dinosaur: In "Guess the Dinosaur" you can guess, what dinosaur is shown on the picture. Is it a Tyrannosaurus Rex or an Allosaurus? Isn’t that Triceratops on the image there? And that should be a Stegosaurus. Guess Dinos which you never saw or heard of!

All about Dinosaurs: In this game mode you have endless questions about the time of the dinosaurs. How long have the dinosaurs dominated the earth? Which of the dinosaurs is a carnivore? Which dinosaur was thought to have two brains? Which dinosaur was the longest? Which the fastest? What did the ears of dinosaurs look like? Was the Kronosaurus a dinosaur or something else? Expect these and many more questions in this exciting app!

In “Dino all inclusive”: You want to guess dinosaurs and answer questions about prehistoric times? No problem, just start "Dino all inclusive" and travel back in time!

The great Dinosaur Quiz offers a lot of facts and fun for all ages as well as great graphics and pictures! We wish you lots of fun!

World Invasion Alien Attack: Battle for the Earth

It's the year 2076. Alien aggressors invade the earth out of nowhere. Things don't look good for humanity, but there is a chance. A new class of robot weapon systems have just been developed - and it's up to you to strike back!

World Attack Alien Invasion features epic action and addictive gameplay. The controls are dead simple: Tap to attack the alien machines - this is all you need to know! But be careful: Timing is everything or your mission is over before it has begun. Can you set a new highscore?

Feature of World Attack Alien Invasion:

  • 5 playable characters
  • Higscore ranking
  • Gamecenter support
  • Simple controls
  • Great soundtrack & audio effects (best enjoyed with headphones)
  • Atmospheric & addictive gameplay
Relax App - Thunderstorm, Beach, Forest & Rain Nature Sounds for Sleep or Power Nap

You have sleep problems or just want to relax a bit? Please try our Relax App which features a truly personalized sleep and relax experience.

Our Relax App includes high quality sounds:

  • Rain & Thunder
  • Seaside & Beach sounds
  • Underwater with Whales and Dolphins
  • Fireplace
  • Forest & Water streams

What makes our app so unique is the fact, that you can personalize your experience. You are in a rainy mood? It's up too you whether you just want to hear the raindrops falling on the leafs or also talking people or passing cars from a distant street. You want to take a trip underwater? No problem, set the timer for travel, plugin your headphones and enjoy a wonderful underwater experience with whales and dolphins and the echoes from the ocean. It's up to you, what sounds you hear. Just turn the volume of the different categories up and down and enjoy a remarkable relaxing journey.

Memory Trainer Quiz Game - Quick & Funny Brain Training

You want to have the fun of playing a game and to challenge your memory at the same time? Then this Memory Trainer is the right app for you! Here are the rules: A game consists of 10 rounds. In each round you will be shown a picture. There is no time limit, you can look at the image as long as you want. Try to inculcate all the details, objects and colors. Now you will be asked a question about the picture and you can prove how well your memory works and whether you have the mastermind of a true detective. How many people were in the photo? What color was the umbrella? What have you seen in the photo and what was not there? Was the lipstick really red? And what was in the background of the picture?

Expect different question types and countless varied images. You get the solution directly after each question and you will notice: Even if there is no time pressure, it is not easy to remember all the details! After you passed all 10 questions, you will receive a score. Try to surpass it the next round! We have put a lot of emphasis on varied, funny and spectacular images, so we hope you won't be bored by the visuals. In addition, there are several questions to each image, so you can never be sure what to expect at the sight of a known image. With this app your brain can not calcify! Will you be a true smartphone detective. We wish you a lot of fun!