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_Here's a list of bloggers who write about private practice. Feel free to add your own recommendations! Bloggers on this list are not necessarily endorsed by MYOB Counselor, these are provided for information purposes only. _

Coaching and Mentoring for Mental Health Professionals

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How to market a private practice, ditch insurance, schedule private pay clients, and be happy in a counseling practice.

Marina Williams, LMHC

I realize that this is a super lame blog post title, but the truth is there are a lot of therapists out there wondering how they should be answering the phone. After all the hits my post on voicemail messages got, I figured I should do one on just answering the phone as well.

Therapist Blog Challenge #19: Parenting a Special Needs Child

Therapist blog challenge #19 focuses on the experience of parenting a child with special needs. (Note: This is, of course an incredibly broad topic. Subtopics include welcoming a child with special needs into the family, helping siblings of kids with...

Private Practice from the Inside Out -

The search engines, like Google, pride themselves in giving accurate results to searches. A bounce rate can inform Google that what they gave as results to a search may be inaccurate. For example, I am searching for an oil change and a car dealer shows up.

Real Psych Practice LLC

This exercise is pretty basic- it breaks out starting a practice into five broad areas; What, When, Where, Who, and How Much? There are obviously a thousand little details beyond these broad categories when it comes to starting a practice, but this exercise is intended to help give you a "big picture" view of getting your practice off the ground.

Practice Building for Psychotherapy private practice, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Social workers, Counselors, Therapists

Get a 6-figure practice now! - Get a 6-figure practice now!

I recently read an article on Forbes entitled, "Starting a Business with $15K? You Can Do It, But You Need to Stay Focused," I immediately laughed when I saw that. I didn't have anywhere near $15,000 to start either my private practice, or my current business.

I started thinking about this a few years ago when it occurred to me that the standard 24-hour cancellation policy most therapists have has no connection to anything therapeutic OR business-focused. I mean, really, that amount of time is not only arbitrary, but it is not conducive to continuity of sessions, maintaining consistency or momentum [...]




This is the second article in Rob Reinhardt's special traveling blog series on crowdfunding. At the end of this article, you'll find a link to the next article in this series. From there, you can continue to follow the links, and read all four articles.

News | Influential Therapist

So your business is struggling or stagnant and you don't know what to do next to make enough of an impression on your target market (those potential clients and referrers you are meant to serve) to fill your book.Time and time again I see good clinicians (who do great work) fall by the wayside; wave the white flag; and [...]




Giving therapists tools to make documentation easier one blog at a time.

Articles | Business coaching for therapists and counselors in private practice

Lynn is a Master Certified Coach specializing in practice building with health professionals including therapists, counselors, social workers, psychologists, healers, and coaches in private practice. She also works as an executive coach with non-profits, executive directors, consultants, and trusted advisers who need business advice.

Casey Truffo

I recommend telling the client the policies up front (in person.) Then if they are broken, it becomes a matter for clinical discussion - what it means to both of you - and then a recommitment to the policy.