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NuHart Philippines Hair Transplant Services

NuHart Philippines is a world leader when it comes to a natural looking, no stitch, no scar hair transplant procedure. Here are the list of their services.

Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplantation is widely considered to be the most effective option for restoring hair because it's a permanent, relatively simple procedure, and it achieves a natural look. In most cases, the cause of hair loss can be traced to the hormone DHT.

Better lashes? NuHart Eyelash hair transplant is not only used to treat eyelids with no eyelashes but also to thicken and enhance your current eyelashes.

Facial Hair Transplants

NuHart's Facial Hair Transplantation is designed to restore or increase hair to the beard, goatee, sideburn, and mustache areas. Commonly, the absence of hair in these areas is due to genetics, prior electrolysis, laser hair removal, surgery, burns, scarring, or other types of accidents.

Eyebrow Restoration

Close-up portrait of a young man with blue eyes - OBS: model use lens contact[/caption] NuHart Eyebrow Transplantation has become very popular because one's eyebrows generally determine the balance and general appearance of the face. Missing, asymmetric, or shapeless eyebrows often convey a disjointed or jarring facial appearance.

Body hair transplantation is a procedure designed to restore hair most commonly to the chest and abdomen area, but can also be applied to the pubic hair, axilla, and any other area hair is desired, to both thicken the existing hair or to provide hair growth where there is none.

Suffering from hair transplantation that used old techniques? NuHart offers a correctiveness and remedial procedure to revive hair's natural appearance.

FUE / NeoGrafting / Folicular Unit Extraction

Want to get a hair transplant with no linear scar and faster healing time? NuHart's NeoGrafting procedure, Follicular Unit Extraction-FUE, best suits you.

The potential for using PRP to promote healing and hair growth after hair transplantation is centered in three functional applications: To preserve and enhance hair follicle viability during and after hair transplantation; To promote and enhance tissue repair and healing after hair transplantation; and, To reinvigorate dormant hair follicles and stimulate new hair growth.

Hair transplant procedures that use follicular units exclusively leave no visible scarring in the recipient area. In Follicular Unit Transplantation(FUT), there is a single thin line in the donor area where the strip was removed. In Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE), there are multiple tiny round, white scars in the donor area, one for each extracted follicular unit.


Rapid Results ( Strip Method)

Using a micro surgical technique, natural follicular units are densely packed as grafts into the thinning and balding area. This creates a natural front hairline and a great looking head of hair.