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Updated by GO Digital on May 12, 2015
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Best of #CMWorld Twitter Chat: How Can Content Marketing Drive Engagement, Impact, and Sales

The topic was content marketing to drive engagement, impact & sales. Here are our favorite Tweets.

Content Marketing on Twitter

Q1: Emotional content can work well at creating connection, but how can you use it to drive action? #CMWorld

jeff fagel on Twitter

A1 Think of emotional content as marketing messages that drive people toward your content #cmworld

The Gary J. Nix ® on Twitter

A1: Emotion is a part of what drives action. With that being said, if you create content that only elicits emotion it won't work #CMWorld

Andrew James on Twitter

A1: Readers often are BEGGING for a call-to-action with emotional content! They want to get involved after connecting. #cmworld

Christina Grieves on Twitter

A1: The call to action has to be clear. Pluck their heartstrings but make sure you tell them how to help. #CMWorld

jeff fagel on Twitter

Here's an example -Emotional content From scripted expected real. #cmworld @aboutfacemedia

G/O Digital on Twitter

A1 If people believe, they want to act. Brands have to connect "emotional" content to a commerce experience - online or off. #CMWORLD

Content Marketing on Twitter

Q2: Does #contentmarketing need to result in a specific action or is brand awareness sufficient? #CMWorld

jeff fagel on Twitter

A2: Either OR Yes AND #contentmarketing can drive Awareness & Action #cmworld

traci browne on Twitter

A2 Brand awareness is not enough for small - midsize'll go broke before you can say "read more..." #cmworld

Sarah Thomas on Twitter

cmworld A2. I think if done creatively, engagingly and timely enough, you can have both.

Rachel Formaro on Twitter

A2. The wonderful thing about #contentmarketing is it can do both. Good idea to set the objective though for each campaign. #CMWorld

Cate Conroy on Twitter

A2. Content needs to prompt a measurable change in the relationship btwn brand & audience. Awareness is stage 1 of relationship. #CMWorld

G/O Digital on Twitter

A2 Don't limit your content to just informing or entertaining the audience. Give them the opportunity to connect/buy. #CMWorld

Content Marketing on Twitter

Q3: What is programmatic buying, and how can content marketers use it to drive engagement and sales? #CMWorld

jeff fagel on Twitter

A3: Programmatic *simply makes distribution smart across multiple publishers *its about efficiency #CMWorld

Rasmus Hallgren on Twitter

A3. I like the ROI function that Programmatic has. Will help marketers to better understand what's working and what's not. #CMWorld @jf1216

Mike Myers on Twitter

A3: #Progrommatic buying can help distribute that great emotional content efficiently. They can't act on what they don't see. #CMWorld

Andrew James on Twitter

A3: Media buys can help target your awesome content to the right demographics. Science meets art. #cmworld

Content Marketing on Twitter

Q4: How should content marketers measure success with native advertising and sponsored content? #CMWorld

jeff fagel on Twitter

A4 #Nativeads are also meant to fit seamlessly into existing brand content and "is actually valuable to the person viewing it. #cmworld

Kyla Karakochuk on Twitter

A4. CTR, website traffic, KPIs, sales, sign ups, impressions, reach, engagement... Did I miss anything? #CMWorld

traci browne on Twitter

A4 What good does social media buzz and shares do you if it doesn't drive sales? #cmworld

Scott Lum on Twitter

A4 Depends on objectives - it may be awareness - clicks & cost per click or it can help drive end actions - how many clicked in CTA #cmworld

Spencer Hudon II on Twitter

A4: Conversions. You need CTRs that become leads. Figure out the conversion % you need & use it as a measuring stick. #CMWorld