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What’s New In Ios 8.4 Beta For Iphone App Developers?

The iOS 8.4 Beta is the next release of Apple for iphone app developers. The version release comes as a surprise because Apple had given clues that it had plans for another release of iOS 8 once iOS 8.3 gets release, which brought Apple watch functionality and latest emoji keyboard to iOS platform.

What Things You Should Know before Outsourcing Your Project to iPhone Developers?

Many businesses like to have convenient app development process for which they outsource iPhone developers to bring appealing iOS development solutions for their companies.

How Hiring of Dedicated iPhone Developers Can Be Beneficial

Mobile applications have given businesses new platform to save and lock the deals online. However, the process of app development is time consuming yet it is much profitable to invest and most businesses hire iPhone developers to accomplish their development project.

Learn How to Fix Bug That Crashes iOS Devices

Apple publicizes all recovery instructions for iOS development community and iPhone app developers, who were facing trouble due to crashing of iOS devices.

Hiring full time iPhone programmers can lower development load

iOS app development can cost you more if you hire iphone programmers that work on your applet for few hours a day. However, it completely relies on your project size- if the project is lengthy and time consuming.

Informational Page for iPhone

Information, articles, blogs and updates for iPhone which are maintained and developed by Aegis Softtech. Follow this page for iPhone.

How iPhone Programmers Should Develop iOS Friendly Web Applications

Android developers may face certain fragmentation issues while designing mobile friendly web based app, but it not the problem of iphone developers. It is easy to intend such app solutions on iOS platform as developers can have advance options to deliver the best user experience to Iphone users.

Expect Longer Battery Life With iOS 9 Update?

Regular users of iOS devices are tired of charging their gadgets after every quarter of hours. It was looking like developers have forgotten considering the battery life while developing crazy apps for users.

Steve Jobs Film

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DIY Services Available For People Who Cannot Hire iOS App Developer

Having a small scale business and still wish to have mobile app for it? Your wish is relevant and 100% agreeable as several opportunities and vast client base can be achieved when your business go mobile.

What Key Things You Must Know About Latest IOS 9

The public beta of iOS 9 is here. Don’t neglect your iPhone and iPad and let the devices update this software. A beta is a beta and you must not get swept up in excitement and forget about the bugs.

The Best New iOS 9 Features Unveiled For Developers And End-Users

Officials have announced major iOS 9 updates that are equally important for end users and developers. Some may have skipped mentioning small yet important features to public and focused only on big announcements. In this article, we will explain those small yet useful features that will serve both the developers and end-users.

What Changes You Will Notice When You Replace Your iOS 8 with iOS 9 Version?

While iOS 8 users are already excited about iOS 9 update, iPhone application developers have taken a quick round of the iOS 9 to determine new features and improvements. What did they discover? We will let you know in this post- keep reading it.

What Are The Key IOS App Development Trends In 2015?

The smartphone market is likely to change this year as Google shifts the functionality from the core OS to Google Play services. It has also moving step ahead to unite the split android versions.

iOS 9 Update Is Time And Battery Savior

May be iOS officials have borrowed the efficiency tweaks of latest iOS 9 update from other leading OS, yet it is a worthy upgrade for iOS app development community. This latest update is available for free and offers stability with fewer irritating bugs, hanging issues and battery draining issues.

IOS 9 Preparing Ipad App Development Community To Become Multitasking

iPad app developers are getting some love for the first time from officials. In iOS 9, iPad app development is becoming multitasking and also getting latest significant design. Special guidelines are also issued for developers in the process.

IPhone App Developers Should Start Investing In Security

Big enterprises are investing millions every year on iPhone app developers’ team to get the best app development services, but most of them don’t bother about the key thing- securing their apps from hackers and cyber-attacks.

5 Tricks From iPhone App Development Experts To Survive The iPhone 6s App Purge

Users have started making orders for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus a few weeks ago, that means iPhone users everywhere are looking forward to the moment they can use their latest device and start exploring the new offerings. But for app marketers, this is a tricky period.

Enjoy Top 5 iPhone Apps For Free For A Limited Period

Ever wish to try your hands on paid iPhone and iPad apps? It’s time to make this wish come true as there are great options of paid iOS apps on sale for free. You can download and install some terrific games today, along with some nifty utilities, a productivity suite, and many other things.

iOS 9 Brings New App Development Enhancements And Makes iPad Multitasking

The latest version of iOS 9 operating system does not bring any big changes that developers can see, but it offers several app tweaks, enhancements, new multitasking features for iPad, etc.