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Trending Videos in India

The pulse of trending videos in India. Check out the latest music videos, trailers, comedy clips, and everything else that people in India are watching right now.

This Video Shows You How It Feels To Be Sexually Harassed In Just 30 Seconds

Staring at Women and Making her uncomfortable in her own skin is also a Sexual Harassment. There are truly disgusting people out on the streets who does this with no shame at all making a women’s life tough everyday when she steps out of the house. This Impactful Video carries the right message for such people.

OMG! This Girl Gets RAPED By Her Family Members Everyday

Viral Video : OMG! This Girl Gets RAPED By Her Family Members Everyday : There is no denying the fact that we possess a strong feeling of hatred for all those rapists who molest a girl physically. At the same time, no matter how strict rules our government makes to put a restraint on rapes...

What Happens When Young Virgin Boy Visits A Prostitute For First Time

This awarding short film is about a young virgin Boy visiting a prostitute for the first time and what happens there after. The climax might make you go crazy. This is a warning, do not blame us for not letting you know. Click To Play

A Rapist Proudly Talks About What He Did To A School Girl.

We people, have seen and heard the rape incidents happening in our country. Whether it is Delhi, the capital of India or any rural village, does not matter. All men who have raped has their own get away talks. We people have commented and shown our anger on social media commenting on how these rapists must be punished. This is one video that has shown exactly what a majority of the people wants to do to a rapist.

OMG! SHOCKING Old Pictures Of Bollywood Actresses Then and Now

Bollywood Actresses Then and Now : Pretty Faces In Bollywood Today May Not Have Been As Pretty Before! Check Out How Bollywood Changed The Look And Appearance Of These Famous Actresses.

Hilarious Parody Of 'Call Me Maybe' By IIT Delhi Students

Parody Of ‘Call Me Maybe’ IIT Students : Students of IIT Delhi made a side by side re-enactment video of the viral hit song ‘Call me maybe’ by Carly Rae Jepsen. While the original video had hot cheerleaders enacting to the song, the parody by our IIT Delhi engineering students had no less ‘hot’ engineers showcasing their extra-curricular skills! This desi version parody video is so damn hilarious that you will die laughing, have a look at the parody yourself!

Vicky Donor Prank : Hunt For Sperm Donor.

Vicky Donor Prank : Hunt For Sperm Donor : What if someone appears in front of you and say – Hey Man… Will You donate your sperm ? What would be your reaction ?? Funny and embarrassing nah ! See the most hilarious and original prank ever done in India… And Yes…. Don’t forget to watch the Climax of this video !! You’ll die Laughing !!

The multi-talented Gaurav Gera Acts Double Role

The multi-talented Gaurav Gera strikes again! This time as the kinky Chutki. And also the shopkeeper she visits.
Check out how the ‘sexy’ Chutki tries to seduce the shopkeeper by buying random stuff. Double role doesn’t get funnier than this. And, it’s mighty addictive! Shopkeeper and Chutki Compilation

A Story of Lady Doctor Horror Short Film

A Story of Lady Doctor who is seems to hallucinating, not getting sleep. She strong believes Ghost is haunting her. Stay away if you are scared of ghosts A Story of Lady Doctor Horror Short Film Credit : Bahaish Kapoor via YouTube

A Hilarious Spoof : Types of Indians who buy condoms

At First We Thought This Was Just A Hilarious Spoof On Indians Buying Condoms. Then We Realized The Hidden Message. This satirical take on the types of Indians who buy condoms just nailed everything that's wrong with our society. Watch Video Here : Types of Indians who buy condoms Video Credit : Indian Dope Trick...

Buy Kept Ogling His Junior At Work. Until She Finally Decided To Fight Back

Size is 36C : It is about an intern having lunch at a corporate cafeteria and suddenly a senior see her and starts giving her indecent looks. Mutely putting up with harassment or choosing to take a stand? This girl had a tough choice to make. We are glad she made the right one.

Know Your Girlfriend Well Enough? This Will Give You A Better Idea

Do You Know Your Girlfriend Well Enough? Is your girlfriend the traditional kind, the dominating kind, the clingy kind, or the social kind? Or is she a mix of all? Check out this hilarious video to get a better idea