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Systems Integrator and Solutions Provider

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Reasons Why A Single Marketing Analytics Dashboard Is Essential To Business Success | Internet Billboards

Marketing is essential to any successful business. Having the best product in the world is of no benefit if no one knows about it. The only way that people will find out about a product is to market it. In its simplest form it is telling family and friends or maybe announcing it via a social media site.

How To Use Data Mining To Improve Your Bottom Line

Data mining is a topic that is mentioned often in the media and in boardrooms around the country, but its exact nature is not well understood by the general public. Data mining is related to statistics, another topic that can also seem challenging to the average person.


arketing analytics is the method by which you can measure the success of a particular marketing campaign or type of campaign. Many businesses are now realizing the potential of websites like Instagram and how they can help their business grow. However, it can be very difficult to measure this sort of marketing.

How to Make the Balanced Scorecard Work for your Business

Managers need information to judge the effectiveness of their policies by tracking performance. Modern managers understand that past performance is not necessarily a guarantee of success moving forward. If you're a manager in today's economy, you'll be left behind if you treat statistical information as nothing more than a yardstick to see how your strategic vision is being implemented after the fact.

Top 5 Companies For Effective Data Visualization

Data visualization sounds like a cutting-edge technique, and in the context of big data, it is. It's also useful to remember that some form of information visualization has been used to communicate data for thousands of years. At its most basic, it's simply a way to tell a story using graphics instead of words.

How To Use Data Mining To Improve Your Bottom Line

Data mining is a topic that is mentioned often in the media and in boardrooms around the country, but its exact nature is not well understood by the general public. Data mining is related to statistics, another topic that can also seem challenging to the average person.

Any business will create data; this data may be sales figures, cost figures, profit margins, overheads, spend levels with particular supplies and from customers. The sheer amount of data from even a small company can be mind boggling. For this information to be useful to anyone running a company or making important decisions it needs to be turned into readable information.

Top 10 Priorities For Storage Technology Segments

Storage devices and technologies have evolved and costs have drastically been reduced over the years. Data is being created at a rate that cannot possibly be satisfied with current storage capacities and it continues to devour larger densities each and every day. The ability to create data...


The Oracle Exalytics was the first ever in-memory business intelligence (BI) platform to deliver fast speed and performance in one package. The benefits are numerous but the obvious include lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO), ease of use and intuitive, scalability for any size organization.

The Way To A Successful Business With Data Integration And Management

In order for a business to be successful in today's highly competitive world, it is necessary that to go above and beyond to prove themselves loyal and worthy of a customer's relationship. There are many ways this is done, but it starts with the collection and analysis of various pieces of data.

Top 10 In-Memory Business Intelligence Analytics Tools - MyTechLogy

The business intelligence needs of today requires that the organization perform exhaustive data collection while providing real-time analytics to leadership and the staff regardless of which platforms they use or where they geographically are located. The manufacturers have stepped up to the challenge and most provide solutions in the form of in-memory platforms instead of spinning technology-based products.

Benefits Of Integration And Management Software

The collection of data enables a business to do many great things. Many of the things aren't often thought about, especially when talking about software. From interacting with customers to determining the profits made for the day, you have data coming at you from every which way.

Whether a business is small or large it seems as though management is always searching for a way to improve how things run, which means performance needs to be monitored and tracked. For this task many businesses look at the option of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), which is the actual monitoring of the business so you can see trends, weaknesses, and strengths.

Top 5 Tips To Successful Corporate Cloud Computing Strategies

Corporate cloud computing or popularly known as enterprise corporate cloud computing is currently the talk of the town. More and more reputed as well as relatively new organizations, corporate houses are seeking...

Utilizing Data Integration and Management Into Your Daily Operations

Corporate Technologies is an amazing company to showcase what technology and professionals have been able to accomplish so far.

In today’s business world we have watched the progression of jobs and logistics change rapidly and progressively. Entrepreneurs and CEOs of all company...

How To Manage Your Technological Needs For Your Corporation

We live in a society today that consistently thrives on the rapid progression of technology. Businesses and corporations in specific have adapted to the philosophy of not only running their organizations more effectively but also pinpointing exactly what their market and client base desires as well.

Data Integration And Management

Corporate Technology is a new entrant in the world of digital marketing and business enterprises. Today any business, be it a start-up or a completely successful...

Oracle Exalytics is an upgraded system that helps in analyzing data really fast with superb manageability, simplicity, accuracy, and perfection. It is also known as an in-memory...