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Co słychać w piaskownicy Drupala #46

The module sends email reminders of orders that were placed to the shopping cart but are still remaining uncompleted. Supports several different letters, setting up time rangers, and more options.

Pathologic for menu links and Link fields, but during saving, not during printing.

sweetalert |

Replace all confirm() and alert() dialogs with SweetAlert ( ) .

This module generates a tree structure of the vocabulary terms and display the node count (i.e number of nodes that have the term attached) against each term.

Integration DigitalOcean objects with Drupal data.

This module allows to download multiple images at once. It gathers the images from a node at render them on a block form, with checkboxes to select which images you want to download.

Content Extra Fields is a light weight module that turns the links, comments, and submitted variables in the node.tpl.php into extra fields that allows them to be placed on the node through the field display ui.

Setups db tables for entities that contains all field data without any joins.

AutoPreview is a user interface (UI) enhancement for uploading files. Currently users have to upload the images to server to see the preview of image. This module enables you to see the preview of image without uploading it to server. This module uses the simple html5 fileReader API.

Frequently-used useful functions for developers

Special Taxonomy Tagging In Body |

This Module provides simple way to add special taxonomy tagging with drupal taxonomy category page. In this module user can add term name with respective vocabulary as per form configuration with special character and it will be automatically link with category page.In category page all node will be display those node associate with that term name.

Have you ever had a need for your translated content to have the same path alias as the source? Do you have multiple domains that want to maintain the same url structure within the site? Look no further if this is the case. This module provides you with a token to access your translation source's alias.

Inline editing of a flag for each Webform submission. The flag is as a Webform component, so it can be used on the several results views (submissions table, Excel export, ...). Submissions editing are exposed as a tableselect. The possible use case is to check presence of attendees for an event.

Device Detect Block |

Device detect block module provide a tab to configure block visibility at different Devices. It provides you to choose show block in Desktop, tab and mobile device. It keeps all the configuration in its created table in database.

ExperD |

The Experiment Designer module allows teachers to create activating experiment design experiences for their students.

TagCloud This module enables users to easily create and configure TagCloud blocks based on ANY vocabulary existed in drupal system. Font sizes are calculated by logarithmic method, thus, output is quite beautiful. Requirements Taxonomy Block There are no other requirements for this module's basic functionality.

QuillJS |

Drupal QuillJS Implements on Drupal

Webform Scoring |

An extension to THE LEGENDARY "webform" Module. If enabled, adds a hidden field to store overall score for a submission. This module is particularly useful if you want to rate/score the submissions of users. For eg. you are using webforms to create a survey, and you want to get the list of potential users/clients/people you wish to interact with.

WebEmailProtector | email address spam protection Stop your website email addresses from being scraped and harvested by spammers with the best email obfuscator protection available. Welcome to the WebEmailProtector module for Drupal. With 100% satisfaction amongst its users so far we hope you like it too - but please review and leave your comments!

SEO, presentation, themes, they all depend on an understanding of who visits your site and what they use to view your site. This module helps you develop responsive themes by showing you your screen/window size and anything wider than your design width.

XEditable |

X-Editable This module allows to implement JS library into Drupal.

The HubDub module enables the creation of interactive videos, with HTML overlays displayed over the video at predetermined times during playback. The original design use-case was for nonprofits to make a call to action in a video, then let viewers perform that action (such as submitting a CRM signup, online petition, or donation form) from directly within the video player.

Super Monitoring |

The extension integrates Super Monitoring responsive interface into Drupal admin panel, enabling you to view reports and configure services without the need to leave your CMS and log in manually to the external application.

Provides automatically generated in-page navigation blocks for paragraph items.

This is a Migrate module for importing a Tumblr blog into Drupal. I experimented with Feeds first, but even with Feeds Tamper, special field handling (e.g. URLs included inside of HTML) necessitated extra tweaking and code. Since the Migrate module accesses data more directly to begin with (and automatically produces a resuable migration module) I switched to Migrate.