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Updated by Techsoft Blogger on May 11, 2015
Headline for Importance of Supply Chain Management for Business Growth
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Importance of Supply Chain Management for Business Growth

Know about BizTalk Server & value of supply chain management for business enhancement.

Supply chain an important part of information security, say experts

Business is increasingly recognising the importance of information security, but information security within supply chains is still widely overlooked, say security experts. That is despite a growing list of cyber breaches that involve the exploitation of security weaknesses in suppliers of the intended target of attackers.

Gartner predicts strong supply chain management software growth

The desire from customers to get accurate forecasts and insights into fluctuations into demand for their products is fuelling significant growth in the supply chain management software market. According to Gartner the market for software that provides users with intelligence around their supply chain is growing at its fastest annual rate at 12.2% last year and the market will hit the $10bn mark this year.

Microsoft updates its BizTalk integration server and services

Microsoft has rolled out BizTalk Server 2013 R2 enterprise-integration server, along with a preview of its new BizTalk Services Hybrid Connections service.

Automating workloads to improve business efficiency

In the age of the customer, more and more pressure is being put on workload automation. We look at where workload automation is heading. Customers expect to be able to do things like consult and manage their bank account online and receive accurate information about their next flight.

BizTalk-as-a-Service dog wags Microsoft's on-premises tail

Microsoft has signalled it will harmonise the feature set of the cloudy and on-premises versions of its BizTalk Server. Redmond's blogged announcement of the intention to have BizTalk Server and BizTalk Service may not look remarkable at first glance: hardly anyone jumps out of bed in the morning excited about their day working with middleware, while the likes of MuleSoft and Oracle already offer cloudy connectors for the enterprise.

Synchronization Between Legacy System and Logistics Application using BizTalk

Developing a management solution for supply chain & logistic processes. BizTalk is used to synchronize information between the application and legacy systems to manage invoices and better planning of dispatch.

Posted April 30, 2015 By Phil Britt Feedback Logistics is a key area of focus for companies hoping to improve their supply chains, experts say. As the supply chain becomes more complex with suppliers, their customers and consumers interacting with each other across the globe and across different channels, it's more important than ever for companies to get and maintain good control of their logistics.




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