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Co słychać w piaskownicy Drupala #45

CKEditor AutoEmbed |

Usage This module will create a plugin for CKEditor that will provide a direct auto-embed functionality, Just paste the link in your editor and it will be automatically embedded, It's very much similar to the WordPress behaviour.

Adds full synchronization of visible nodes with content on the server. Whenever a node is updated by a content editor, all active visitors viewing the node will see the content replaced with an updated version. Useful for Breaking news events, live webcasts, collaborative editing.

Allow users to login using any profile fields. Users can then log-in using any profile fields and password for authentication.

Bootstrap Image Formatter |

This module adds an additional field formatter for image fields to add Bootstrap image classes. This is great for making images responsive using Bootstraps responsive image class. Setup Navigate to the Manage Display page of your node which has an image field. Set the format to Bootstrap. Configure the field by clicking the cog. To do This module hase been developed to work with Media module v2. Test without Media module

Mate Previous Next |

Mate Previous and Next This module provides two functions to help to get the previous and next node of a given node. This will help to provide navigation links for your site on each node. Programatically You have these two functions   mate_prev_next_get_next($nid, $type); and mate_prev_next_get_prev($nid, $type); Where

This module is the complete Drupal Event Management plugin available in Drupal Modules Directory. Event Management is a highly configurable product which allows you to have multiple organized events. More information will be published soon

A collection of esoteric formatters that extend field displays in interesting ways: These are almost sure to expose various security issues if used incautiously. Do not provide these types of input to untrusted roles.

The Feeds importer for Evernote Cloud, allows you to authenticate to Evernote, using OAUTH, and import items from your Evernote account to your web site. The Feeds importer for Evernote Cloud uses the Evernote Cloud SDK to retreive information based on Notebook Saved search Tags and copy this content to you web site, and publish it.

Allows to select an flickr album. There are two field formatter: one for linking to the album and one for displaying all photos.

Allows to have only one sticky node of given content type at the same time. When an administrator marks a blog post as sticky, a confirmation is displayed, showing the title of the current sticky post (if any) and asking the administrator to confirm the action.

Edit UI |

Improves the administration interface. This module intends to improve the Drupal administration interface by adding more administration features directly on frontend pages. Synopsis For now, this module improves block management by adding a new toolbar in the administration menu available in frontend pages. Available features :

Create and translate is a module that adds a submit button on the node add form to create the node and go directly to the translation page. On the creation of the node, the button will only show up when selecting a language.

What Node code is an extension of the shortcode module. It allows injection of a new shortcode [nodecode]. This injects a node of a given nid into the content and can be rendered with any view mode.

Node recovery is a module designed to recover lost nodes from Drupal database backups. Nodes are recovered by fetching whole node object from backup data and saving the data as it is. After saving nodes should have their old nids.

Timeline uses a vocabulary and a content type to create a complicated double timeline

With this module you can protect your images in your posts and prevent that another user link the image to own website. Every X minutes (configurable time) the image token will change, internally is generated each time that the web is shown.

Content Model |

Visualizes relationships between Content Types and Vocabularies on a graph based on taxonomy term reference and entity reference fields. Uses the D3.js library. To test visit: /admin/structure/types/content_model

Overview This module makes sites that use Domain Access and the Domain Path module properly redirect to the correct url on save. Requirements Domain Domain Path

develmail |

This module allows alteration of every outgoing mail to a single email address. Detailed description Intercept any outgoing email sent by drupal_mail by redirecting it to a single email address. Every TO, CC or BCC email address will be ignored if this module is enabled. Develmail is most likely to be used to try out new mailing functionality or to prevent mails from sending out in a development environment.

This module will generate pre-rendered preview for each text_format field directly below it. Rendering is based in two factors - text value and text format. Request to check_markup function will be send on every change or keyup event, but no more than once per 300ms. Also if one ajax request is in progress next one will be aborted.

This module adds a tab to the content type admin page with a form to create and edit the basics of all content types on one page. It works in conjunction with the standard content type edit form, so you can use the fast UI where possible and use the standard UI when you need it.

lightsocialbuttons |

The module allows to create a light social buttons integration, without the embedded iframe or external javascript code and show the counters from the following service: Facebook Google Plus Twitter Linkedin Pinterest The module use the javascript API from the services to get the number of share. For the Google Plus service is used an internal call with POST parameter.

Encrypt User allows certain user data to be encrypted using the Encrypt module. Currently, the following data is encrypted when the module is enabled: User name Email address The module does not yet support choosing an encryption configuration provided by Encrypt, but uses the default configuration.

Block Custom Title |

Block Custom Title Module: Block Custom Title module can be used to manage the block title for specific pages. Here, privileged user can add/edit block titles. The Block Custom Title module provides an image link near the Block Titles. Click on the image, a form is provided where the new title of the block can be entered and saved. Please find the attached screen shot, block_custom_title_entry.png.

What? Saves live front-end timing numbers back into the db with uncacheable AJAX via custom entry script with super simple bootstrap for super speeds. What?? Any user visits the site (any page, any role etc), when the page is definitely done loading a JS sends 2 numbers back to live_timing.php: domready time and onload time.