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Style it Up - Men's Silk Ties & Stylish Tie Knots

In ahead of schedule days, tie was viewed as a need instead of a style image. It was worn as a neck material in lieu of handkerchief. Today, Necktie has expected a ton more significance, turning into an elegance image of style and refinement. It is not a need any longer, but rather an image of style.

Wedding Ties Online - Silkworm

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of ties in the market- different in width, colors, patterns and fabrics, almost spoiling you for choices but at the same time making a selection quite confusing. It goes without saying that a right tie completes a man's outfit and literally works wonders.

Men's Silk Ties for All Occasions

As one of the leading manufacturers of silk ties for men, Silkworm presents the widest range of men’s silk ties that come in a multitude of colours, patterns and styles. Whether you’re colour matching for a wedding or branching out into amusing prints, we have a tie for every occasion.

Few Tips for Wearing Designer Silk Ties for Business Purposes

When dressing up for business purposes, a necktie is not only another piece of attire, but something to capitalizeupon. A necktie, if worn tastefully, can add on to a wearer's personality and draw attention effortlessly. Though seemingly elegant, ties can be terrifying.

Grab Stylish Designer silk ties for men from Silkworm - Infowoolf

When it comes to men's fashion, few clothing accessories denote style, class and luxury as a necktie can. And when it comes to neckties, no one comes close to the elegance that silk tie exudes. When you wear a silk tie, it adds a special something to your whole suit and an altogether different dimension to your personality.

Wedding ties for men online

A wedding tie is as important in the whole wedding attire as the wedding tuxedo. Find the perfect fit for your special day from the comfort of your home with Silkworm’s special collection of men’s wedding ties.

Black Silk Ties for Men - Great Weapon to Formal Attire

Black Tie is the most commonly used dress code for any polished event and is a great way to showcase your personal style. If you are looking for designer silk ties in UK, Silkworm presents a great collection of men’s black ties online.

Dress to Impress - Designer Silk Ties

Neckties are and always have been one of the most popular accessories when it comes to men's fashion. That is why selecting that perfect tie is a must for anyone out to make an impression. A necktie, though seemingly a trivial accessory, has the power of making or breaking the impression.

Getting the Perfect Wedding Tie Powered by RebelMouse

With so many choices in the market today, finding the right wedding tie can be difficult. Here at Silkworm we have made it easy for you to find the right wedding tie for your big day. Whether you are looking for one for yourself, planning on kitting out your groomsmen, or simply attending a weddin...

Picking out the Right Tie for Workplace

Neckties these days are a must have accessory for a well-dressed man, especially in corporate settings. When you know that you are well dressed, your confidence levels automatically shoot up. At Silkworm, we help you achieve the perfect look, the perfect fit for your ensemble so that you can carry it with élan.

Tie the Knot - Men's Wedding Ties Online

Tie the Knot - Men's Wedding Ties Online Wedding ties are every bit as important as the dress of the bridesmaid. As one of the leading manufacturers of silk ties for men, Silkworm presents the widest range of men's wedding ties online that come in a multitude of colors, patterns and styles.

Community Post: Designer Silk Ties - Must Have Fashions For Men

Though the trends keep changing, one accessory that has stood the test of time is a carefully knotted tie. A tie not only lends a classic appeal to your suit, but also demands a level of respect. It is always said the impression matters when the stakes are high, especially in your career.

Making a Style Statement in Office

In a business environment, a necktie is anything but a trivial accessory. The right tie offers you the opportunity to portray yourself in a way that looks professional and means business.

Designer Silk Ties Online

Though the trends keep changing, one accessory that has stood the test of time is a carefully knotted tie. A tie not only lends a classic appeal to your suit, but also demands a level of respect. Look dapper with the stylish and fashionable silk ties from Silkworm.

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Silkworm Ltd was founded by Jonathan Park in 1993 aims to offer wide varieties of designer Silk ties to every individual who are passionate to add a glance into their clothing style.

Silk Ties Online from Silkworm

"Nice tie!" How many times have you heard people say it? Let's face it. When it comes to fashion, necktie holds much more charm and no other piece of clothing holds a candle to it. For those looking to form their own distinguished look, experimenting with necktie is a great idea.

The Perfect Tie - Designer Silk Ties |

Whether it's a business meeting, a party or a wedding that you need to attend, you must be looking for an extra edge as far as looks are concerned. That's because when you look good, you feel good and confident. And one of the best ways to look distinguished is to sport a tie.

Wedding Ties for Men Online | Silkworm - Infowoolf

One's wedding is unarguably the most important days in your life, and is captured in photographs from beginning to end. It comes as no surprise then that this you would want to look your best on your special day.

The basic of Tie Selection - Men's Silk Ties in UK Powered by RebelMouse

A necktie is the most striking feature of one's persona. Therefore, picking one is no mean feat. Silkworm, the tie shop in UK, gives you a wide array of men's silk ties to choose from. Whether it's a formal style for business purpose or a slightly casual approach for the world of dating, you will ...

Dressing up for Yoga: Basics for Kid’s Yoga Wear

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Sun Proof Swimwear for Tweens

It can be quite a task to shop for your Tween girl’s swimwear and find the one that meets all the essential criteria. Limeapple, your online Tween store for active and casual wear for girls, gives you a variety of choices and the cutest selection of swimwear that also do the job of protecting your girl from the sun.

Beginners Essentials Into Numismatics

Currency and coin collection albums are a portable and affordable choice for organizing and displaying your coins and notes. Whether you've been collecting most of your life, or recently discovered the excitement of paper money and numismatics , a quality album is a must-have.

Handle With Care But How?

Most of us use banknotes and coins every day without a second thought, but how often do you look at the contents of your wallet closely, using a magnifying glass or a more complex device? After a close inspection of a banknote/coin , seeing all the richness of information a currency provides, many people become interested in becoming collectors.